Entrecard contest banner

Purpose – promote my blog and its contents and have a little fun in the Entrecard community.

Prizes 50,000 ec + sponsorships

  1. 30,000 ec + 100 RSS via email subscriptions
  2. 10,000 ec + 50 RSS via email subscriptions
  3. 5,000 ec + 25 RSS via email subscriptions
  4. 3,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions
  5. 2,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions

Awards for 6-10 based on sponsorships at 1,000 each. Additional sponsorships spread over the 10 places.


  1. Post your entry in the comment section below with a working email – 0 points. Required for entry.
  2. 10 points – Post an announcement on your site about this contest with a link to this page.  (Required)
  3. 10 points – Post a short review of Faith and Facts with a link using my blog title as the anchor text.
  4. 10 points – Post a blurb, using part of the title as the anchor text for the link, for any post on this page – http://www.faithandfacts.com/faith-and-facts-promotion/
  5. 10 points – Add Faith and Facts to your blogroll
  6. 5 points – Post a comment on any blog post
  7. 5 points – Subscribe to RSS via email and confirm the subscription.
  8. 2 points – Fave me on Technorati.
  9. 1 point – for each social bookmark that I can confirm, up to a max of 50.

If you have additional suggestions for entries that will promote my blog and be fun for the EC community, send me an email and I will consider it.

Email your entries to faithandfacts [at] gmail.com. Give me the link to your review or bookmark so I can confirm the entry. If you compile all your entries in a single document or spreadsheet (for easy confirmation) I will give you an additional 10 entry points.

Drawing – A points list will be compiled in Excel and winners will be chosen with the assistance of a site like Random.org.

Sponsorships – 1000 EC and you get a permanent dofollow link with a brief description of your site. This page will like gain PR of 2 or 3 and will become a quality link for the sponsor. If you wish to donate a product or service for sponsorship, please contact me for approval.


  1. Sponsors are eligible for all prizes and have no advantage or disadvantage over anyone else.
  2. Twitter counts as a social bookmark. Can someone suggest an easy way to confirm this? Twit any post on the site.
  3. Fine to leave questions or suggestions in the comments below.
  4. You may qualify as a Sponsor and receive a sponsors listing if you offer a qualifying service or product. I have seen sites where sponsors donate cash, web hosting, advertising, premium templates, etc. These require approval by me.
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