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We have a Winner!

After some serious thought about how to perform the drawing, we resorted to the boring method of drawing numbers out of a hat. Well, … a bowl actually. We so wanted to make it interesting but our pointy brains could not devise a simple way to make the drawing fun.

My son, Greg, did the actual drawing and pulled lucky number seven. I downloaded my Feedburner subscriber list into Excel and counted to seven to find our lucky person and …

The Winner Is – ARRGGGHHHH! Someone that has not replied to their email yet so I do not even have a name; just an email address. As soon as we have the info I will let everyone know.

For the non-winners (politically correct language for losers), thanks for your participation and I hope you have been blessed by this community. Please do not stamp FAIL on your forehead. I have an idea for another give-away and will use the active subscriber list to give you another entry. This time I think the main entry will be to write a short review of Faith and Facts on your blog or social site.

Still mulling the details. How does an iPod Shuffle sound? Perhaps a gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Let me know if you have a suggestion for a prize.

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2 replies
  1. SimplyWP
    SimplyWP says:

    Hi, thanks for joining the contest at SimplyWP. I am checking the participants entries. You commented that you have dugg and delicious the post, please let me know what is your id (of digg and delicious), so I can add your points.


  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    Great contest and congrats to the winner – whoever it is. Looking forward to the next contest. Keep it up and great blog.

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