Why is Obama Running Against Palin?

[Obama Can't Win Against Palin]

This article in the Wall Street Journal is a must read. Sarah Palin’s explosion on the national political landscape has obviously rattled the Democratic Messiah. While sarcasm is understandable, even appreciated, it has turned to sawdust in Obama’s mouth. He is digging himself and his candidacy a deeper and deeper hole from which he is unlikely to crawl out.

Of all the advantages Gov. Sarah Palin has brought to the GOP ticket, the most important may be that she has gotten into Barack Obama’s head. How else to explain Sen. Obama’s decision to go one-on-one against “Sarah Barracuda,” captain of the Wasilla High state basketball champs?

It’s a matchup he’ll lose. If Mr. Obama wants to win, he needs to remember he’s running against John McCain for president, not Mrs. Palin for vice president.

Michael Dukakis spent the last months of the 1988 campaign calling his opponent’s running mate, Dan Quayle, a risky choice and even ran a TV ad blasting Mr. Quayle. The Bush/Quayle ticket carried 40 states.

Read the rest of the story here – Obama Can’t Win Against Palin – WSJ.com.

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