Who's Leading Now?

Leaders lead. It may not be apparent when the water is calm and the breezes are gentle. Life is good and any pretender can clamor up the hill and proclaim their virtue.

When the sky darkens and the wind bites at our backs though, actors tumble down the hill. They hesitate. They overt-think. They circle the wagons in uncertainty.

A politician can declare that he is a leader. His political party can declare that he’s a leader. And hundreds of thousands of acolytes around the world can swoon devotedly at his feet, and he can rack up all the trappings of leadership. But none of that in fact makes him into a leader if he actually isn’t one.

Crises reveal, make, and define leaders. When the crisis is over, it’s easy to recognize in hindsight who the leader was, even if there was some doubt as to that during the crisis itself. Looking back, we can recognize a leader because he’s the one who the other potential actors and decision-makers actually followed.

‘s leadership – “Shut down the campaign. I’m headed to Washington. The country comes first.”

‘s leadership – “If anybody needs me I’ll be getting ready for the debate.’

Bill Dyer’s article – In the Current Financial Crisis, only McCain is Indispensible is one to read as well as this one by Hugh Hewitt.

Michelle Malkin weighs is with her thoughts and more thoughts.

TD had a brief but pithy article:

John McCain put his campaign on hold today, and called on Barack Obama to join him in Washington, DC in a bi-partisan effort to address the country’s economic crisis. McCain also proposed re-scheduling Friday’s debate and suspending campaign commercials.

Barack Obama responded by a) attempting to take credit for McCain’s idea, b) attempting to take credit for McCain’s economic proposals, c) accusing McCain of playing political tricks, d) refusing to cancel Friday’s debate, and e) essentially telling America: I’m going to keep campaigning and I’m not going to Washington to address the financial crisis. Call me if you need me!

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