What Does $1,000 Buy?

What is freedom worth?With the advent of the $1.00 Store and the Internet consumers are accustomed to finding bargains on everything. What would you pay to help 26,000,000 people find freedom? Would you pay $1,000?

Along with many others, I am saddened by the loss of life in Iraq but I blame the terrorists more than President Bush, unlike many. I unearthed an astonishing bit of not so trivia today. While media talking-heads endlessly replay the American problems in Iraq, they regularly fail to put significant issues in any historical perspective.

What did the Cold War cost the USA? Less than it would have cost to rebuild from a Russian nuclear attack I suspect? What has the war in Iraq cost so far? To hear liberals talk it is bankrupting our economy. Did the title make this question too easy?

$1,075. That is the cost of the war so far. For slightly more than $1,000 per person we have liberated 26,000,000 people from tyranny and oppression. This is a pretty good bargain in my opinion.

I know the cost is greater than money. And we should consider all of the costs as we evaluate what to do next. But that means not only evaluating the cost in lives but also coutning the cost of quitting against an adversary that views the USA as weak-willed. As we count the total cost though, let’s put all of the information in honest perspective.

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