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War of the Holy Books

The Christian Post has a great article about the ongoing holy war between Christianity and Islam. Many believe that Christianity will win the war because of the widespread availability of the Christian Bible.
Why isn’t the Koran widely translated and distributed? The Koran must be memorized in the original Arabic and cannot be changed in any way according to conservative Imams.

Sounds like all the sound and fury of the debate over the King James Version. “Only 1611 will do!”

Read the full article here.

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3 replies
  1. Karthik
    Karthik says:

    Bible has a farther reach and has an edge over Koran…But,I don’t know why there should be a conflict of interest between the two religions…All are preaching the same sayings in different words,and under different names..Its just like there are many routes to a single place,whatever route you take,you can arrive at the destination 🙂

  2. Martin H.
    Martin H. says:

    Is this thing really a war? Between Islam and Christianity? I don’t think Islam will lose so quickly. Remember, there are still Islam countries where the change of religion is forbidden by the official law of the country. Born in such a place, people have no choice.

    On the other hand, translation is really useful. Look just how many tribes from Oceania have become (at least somewhat) Christians, just because they had missionaries who spoke their language. And look how fast is the LDS church growing? You can get a Book of Mormon for free almost anywhere on earth, in dozens of languages. Look what happened in Korea, or in South America. This is something Islam will never achieve, but still, I don’t think Islime will be wiped out so easily.

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    I have always been confused by the fact that ‘holy war’ have been formulated by the very religions that promise peace and goodwill among the people.

    If you believe in God, then you must believe in love.
    If you believe in Allah, then you must believe in brotherhood.
    If you look at love and brotherhood, they may actually be synonymous to the point that they almost convene the same message.

    Then how come religion has spearheaded war itself (hovewer ‘holy’ it sounds?). I can’t give any message, but questions that I know are very hard to answer.

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