The Lost Ark – Oops – Nevermind

Reuters is now reporting that the lost Ark of the Covenant will not be revealed by its purported keepers in Ethiopia after all.

Ethiopian Church Patriarch Abune Paulos indicated the Italian media had incorrectly reported that he would place the Ark in a museum in the country’s north.

Abune said,

I am deeply disappointed that the Italian media misquoted me and disseminated false information about me unveiling the Ark of the Covenant to the world,….  It is a fabrication, disinformation.

He went on to restate that his congregation has the Ark but that it will not be on public display.

Oops! – Nevermind.


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5 replies
  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I think that the ark is still supposedly under the Temple mound somewhere… and besides, when reports like this arise, I always wonder if people are touching the ark, or if they still follow the same OT requirements for how the ark should be handled (namely with long poles, carted by animals, etc.)

    Interesting blog. I just added it as a Entre fav.

  2. jeremae
    jeremae says:

    i think its better that the ark wont be in public use.. idk with others, but if it’ll be for public display, the sanctity might be gone..

  3. Brian Hill
    Brian Hill says:

    I hope the Ark is released to the people soon because if the president is the anti-chirst especially since hes the first president to be worshiped we need to protect the ark before he gets it.

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