The First Black President

Barack Obama has been elected the new President of the United States. While I continue to have doubts, concerns and issues about the change that is coming to America, I will pray for our new leader. Sadly, I have already heard from some folks that they plan to fight him every step of the way.

I will follow Mr. Obama closely as he acts on campaign promises and makes decisions on matters raised during the election cycle. If he seeks to repeal protections for unborn babies I will certainly oppose him. If he seeks, as he promised, to streamline government and eliminate wasteful spending he will have my support. Other issues, such as Islamic fanatacism, defending Israel, government spending, healthcare, taxes, will arise and I will participate in the process.

For Christians, we are commanded to follow, respect, pray for and even submit to our political leaders in an appropriate manner. It is a part of what has made our country great, in my opinion. After a hard fought campaign, it is time to gather behind our new leader and do what is best for our country.

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