Roundup for Today

The quote for today:

“You don’t pay taxes – they take taxes.” – Chris Rock

Christian news you can use

John MacArthur will be offering his online material for free.

I don’t think people have a duty to die because they are imperfect.

Here is The Happiness Manual.

Guess what? Biologist’s believe life begins at conception.

The oldest Hebrew text has been discovered.

Some news for the political junkies

Five myths about the Great Depression is a must read.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe.

Obama wants to skyrocket energy prices and bankrupt coal plants.

Even Chris Matthews admits that Obama’s ‘tax cuts’ are really welfare.

Pre-marking Spanish ballots is voter fraud

Oops! Sarah Palin is not guilty after all.

No one is surprised that Obama has been helped by the press and foreign donations.

Roundup for Today

The quote for today:

"Error does not become Truth because it is widely accepted; Truth does not become error, even when it stands alone!"

Christian news you can use –

A new campaign, Abortion Changes You focuses on helping women recover from their experiences with abortion.

Boomer has a great article on security and salvation

Sarah Flashing, of Women of Faith in Culture, discusses the fact that our culture has become sexually desensitized.

On a more encouraging note, pornography is decling compared to Social Media according to Mary Richert of the UK Guardian.

Gianna Jensen is an abortion survivor. Barry remembers what Ronald Reagan said, "I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born."

Jeremy Pierce has a series book on knowledge theory that is excellent.

Newsweek has an interesting article on Joel Osteen and his ministry.


Some news for the political junkies –

Hillary Clinton has also accused the Obama campaign of voter fraud.

Barney Frank talkes about higher taxes.

Eric wants to know if Obama respects anyone.

Is CNN still trying to lower voter turn-out?

Michelle Malkin has more info on Obama’s problems withcredit card donations.

Townhall takes ABC to task for their portrayal of Sarah Palin’s challenge of Joe Biden.

I think spending $150,000 on wardrobe for Sarah Palin is not wise. Jeri Thompson blasts Alan Colmes for his snooty piousness though.