Ike Slams Texas

Over 5 million homes are estimated to be without power in the wake of hurricane Ike – including my entire family and most of by childhood friends. Please continue to pray for safety and rapid recovery for people, pets, and property on the Texas coast.

Due to a last minute shift, Houston and Galveston were spared a direct hit. While that is wonderful news for millions, it is tragic for thousands just east of Ike’s path that bore the brunt on the storm surge. Gratefully, the wind speed did not strengthen to a Category 4 as many had predicted. The shear size of the storm was monstrous though. Ike was, literally, the size of Texas.

I have worked with Texas Baptist Men and their Disaster Relief Teams in the past. Make an Online Donation to help folks in need.

Here is a great photo gallery of the damage.

Stormlook has some good info also.