Look Who’s the Hypocrite NOW

I stumbled across a wonderfu blog that you may enjoy. This article on the National Organization of Women and their endorsement of Barack Obama and virulent criticism of Sarah Palin captures my feelings on the subject.

NOW has evolved into a group that is devoted to liberal causes that affect women rather than all causes that affect women. The “National Organization of Women” should be composed of ALL women regardless of their particular view on a particular issue. Instead, they focus on only a few issues and take a liberal view. Conservatives are clearly not welcome.

NOW says that although Sarah Palin is a woman she does not support women’s rights.  I have a hard time believing that Sarah Palin is not for pay equality and is not against violence towards women.  So in reality, NOW is only concerned about a candidate being pro-abortion.  I say pro-abortion as opposed to pro-choice because if they were really pro-choice then they wouldn’t have a problem with a woman choosing to be pro-life, choosing not to condone sex outside of marriage, and choosing options other than abortion.  These are their big issues with Sarah Palin.  Here we have a successful, articulate, intelligent mother of five as a vice-presidential candidate but NOW won’t get behind her because she is against letting them kill unborn women (and men).

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*** EDIT ***

California NOW has contacted us to say that no NOW chapter or affiliate supports McCain/Palin. No surprise there. They go on to say that, “California NOW has also been at the forefront of calling out sexism against Palin, as you can see from the site.” However, the article referred to does not mention any support for Palin.

I have asked for a clarification.