What is a Meme and Why do I care?

Barry Wallace wrote an article on his blog, Who Am I? that got my attention. It seems to include the Internet version of “Tag. You’re It.” It is a blog meme. While I had a foggy notion of the concept of a meme, I was not well versed in the details. My first experience with a meme came from David at Boomer in the Pew (see the article below).

Apparently, for Book Meme, the plan is to pick up the nearest book when you read this post. Done. I selected “The 267 Stupidest Things Republicans/Democrats Ever Said.” (267 each by the way). Now turn to page 123.

Oops! Only 120 pages. So I tried “The Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel. Page 123. Got it. Find the 5th sentence and post the following three sentences.

Geisler was well-aquainted with the issue. “The presupposition of your question is wrong,” Geisler replied. “These are not small innocent children.”

Having anticipated his repsponse, I pulled out a photocopy of the passage and thrust it in his direction. “Yes they were,” I retorted. “Look right here,” I said, pointing to the words.  “It says ‘little children.'”

Geisler glanced briefly at the page, immediately recognizing its source. “Unfortunately, the King James Version has a misleading translation there,” he said. (I know this is more than 3 sentences but this is my blog and I can do what I want.)

I am beginning to feel like this is one of those journey’s where you solve one riddle only to find the next clue and another riddle.

Having completed this step I am now responsible to “keep the chain” going. I am so glad it did not say something like “If you break the chain every starving child in the world will stare at you on Judgment Day. So, I select 5 people to “tag” and send them the challenge.

I am instructed to post their names and blogs here so that you may hold them accountable. It also is good way to promote blogs of friends and give them a little ‘link love.’

Here they are

Brian at Brian Cuban

Bob at Judge Right

Larry at My Take

Twana at American Truths

Eric at Self-Composed

These are all folks that I exchange blog info with. I am subscribed to each one in my RSS feed and actually read their blogs daily (well, almost daily) BTW, I read Barry’s blog too.

I encourage you to take a look at each of these blogs and become a regular visitor.

Task complete. This was fun.

Time to rest now. Right after I go to the gym.