Gwen Ifill Seemed Fair

I posted a lengthy article about the appropriateness of Gwen Ifill serving as moderator for the VP debate. She has a real, not just apparent, conflict of interest with her new book lauding the “Age of Obama.” Liberals would never accept this conflict if the situation was reversed. Say if Rush Limbaugh were hosting a debate.

I have come to accept the Liberal bias of the MSM and recognize that we must live with it. The ongoing double standard still did not set well with me.

That said, Gwen seemed to be fair and balanced in her demeanor and questions.

So, maybe we should give Sean Hannity a shot at moderator. Bill O’Reilly? Dick Morris maybe? Anybody agree? Not even Brit Hume?

McCain Slaps Obama on the Fannie

Speaking in  Ceder Rapids, John McCain finally said what the MSM should have been saying; Barack Obama and the Democrats are largely to blame for our financial crisis. Obama wants to blame others but the fact is Obama did nothing to head off the coming crisis when he had the chance. McCain said,

Senator Obama talks a tough game on the financial markets but the facts tell a different story. He took more money from Fannie and Freddie than any Senator but the Democratic chairman of the committee that regulates them. He put Fannie Mae’s CEO, who helped create this disaster, in charge of finding his Vice President. Fannie’s former General Counsel is a senior advisor to his campaign. Whose side do you think he is on? When I pushed legislation to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Senator Obama was silent. He didn’t lift a hand to avert this crisis. While the leaders of Fannie and Freddie were lining the pockets of his campaign, they were sowing the seeds of the financial crisis we see today and enriching themselves with millions of dollars in payments. That’s not change, that’s what’s broken in Washington.

Hotline On Call: McCain: Obama Didn’t “Lift A Hand To Avert” Fiscal Crisis.

As usual, Michelle Malkin has something insightful to add.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Michael Reagan has a fabulous article on the financial crisis we have been reading about this week. Who is at fault? Who should get the blame?

Pin the tail on the Donkeys.

Bill Clinton and Democrats made the policies. Democrats did the consulting. Democrats accepted the contributions. And now Democrats will get off scott-free. Reagan points out that,

The scandal of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac dwarfs the Enron debacle. In Enron, people went to jail. With the Fannies, some just walked away with millions.”

Guess what the Democrats are doing now, besides bailing out their friends? Blaming the Republicans of course. Nothing is ever their fault.

Some additional quotes from the article:

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the top three U.S. Senators getting big Fannie and Freddie political bucks were Democrats, and No. 2 was Sen. Barack Obama, who as Fox noted had only been in the Senate four years but still managed to grab that No. 2 spot ahead of longtime colleagues John Kerry and Chris Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

According to Fox, Fannie and Freddie were where big-time Washington Democrats went to work and pocketed millions. Franklin Raines, Clinton’s White House Budget Director, ran Fannie and collected $50 million.

Jamie Gorelick, an official in Clinton’s Justice Department — the woman who built the “wall” that prevented the FBI from targeting terrorists before 9/11 — worked for Fannie Mae and took home $26 million. Big-time Democrat Jim Johnson, who headed Obama’s VP search committee, also hauled in millions from running Fannie Mae.

Obama brazenly blames John McCain and the GOP for the current Wall Street mess when it’s clear none of it was due to Republican policies. The truth of the matter is that it was McCain and three GOP colleagues who sought to reform the government’s lending policies three long years ago after the Bush administration had failed two years earlier. On May 25, 2006, McCain spoke on behalf of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, and warned against the debacle we are now facing if it failed to pass.

A Liberal Loves Sarah Palin

I loved this article. Finally, a woman that can disagree with Sarah Palin and still admire her accomplishments

We hugged each other joyfully. Politics be damned, Palin was a woman and she was an Alaskan! Moreover, I had been impressed with her when I interviewed her – not for her politics (I’m one of those east coast liberals she doesn’t care about) but for the other things that people across the country are responding to right now:her warmth, her work ethic, her “can-do” attitude.

If life is simply a reprise of high school, Palin was the jock who attended church faithfully, ran the soup kitchen, and organised the bake sale. If her paper on the Lincoln-Douglas debate wasn’t the most nuanced, so be it. Something has to give.

In my article, I wrote about how hard it is for Palin not to smile. The American media has been dismissive of that beauty-queen smile, but Palin really did enter the Miss Wasilla contest for the scholarship money. (To make extra money, her retired parents currently shoo the birds off the runway at the Anchorage airport so the birds’ bodies don’t muck up the engines’ turbine.) Even then, Palin didn’t like the pageant and was appalled when they asked her to turn around and show the judges her behind.

‘I am a liberal, but I’m blown away by Sarah Palin’.

Obama's Education Plan

I am not a fan of many of Senator Barack Obama bid for election or his policy ideas. However, at first glance, his plan on education has a great deal of merit.

“Barack Obama promised Tuesday to double funding for charter schools, pay teachers based on performance and replace those who aren’t up to the job, embracing education proposals normally more popular with Republican candidates.

The Democratic presidential nominee says both parties must work together to improve education in a pitch to independent voters in this presidential election swing state, where the fight over education reform has been the focus of a longtime partisan battle. It was the first of two days that Obama was spending on education policy.”

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