The Obama Infomercial

The recent Infomercial was polished, poignant and compelling. It is everything you would expect from what may be considered the most hip media campaign in history. However, the abundance of style could not cover up the lack of substance. Obama has repeatedly made promises and accusations that have gone largely unchecked until now.

Obama is not telling the truth says Calvin Woodward of AP.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was less than upfront in his half-hour commercial Wednesday night about the costs of his programs and the crushing budget pressures he would face in office.

CBS, in an article titled Reality Check, points out a series of Obama inconsistencies. Take for example Obama’s plan to spend savings from the war in Iraq.

Most of the time he spends the Iraq savings in the context of the roads he wants to build; sometimes it’s for the teachers he wants to hire. Tonight, he riffed rhetorically on the savings, asking how many scholarships could be funded, or how many schools could be built. In the end though, presuming he really saves $90 billion, he can only spend it once.

Remember he also mentioned rebuilding the military ($7 billion/yr); his education initiative ($18 billion/yr); and his energy initiative ($15 billion/yr). He did not mention the $188 billion that he would spend on the brand new stimulus package he has proposed.

If he closes every loophole as promised, saves every dime from Iraq, raises taxes on the rich and trims the federal budget as he’s promised to do “line by line,” he still doesn’t pay for his list. If he’s elected, the first fact hitting his desk will be the figure projecting how much less of a budget he has to work with – thanks to the recession. He gave us a very compelling vision with his ad buy tonight. What he did not give us was any hint of the cold reality he’s facing or a sense of how he might prioritize his promises if voters trust him with the White House.

Larry of My Take has a great article on my favorite topic (the old MSM double-standard) pointing out the “too little, too late” fact checking of the MSM.

Will wonders never cease? One of the main complaints I have had with this election cycle is how the mainstream media has given Barack Obama a pass when it comes to questioning his facts and what he plans to do if he wins this election. They have refused to question him on his past relationships with William Ayers or ACORN and tried to sweep it under the carpet when he made his “spread the wealth” statement to Joe the plumber. It appears that for the time being, at least, they have decided to call him out on some of his facts.

It seems the media is hoping to finally do their job in a way that will not damage Obama too much but give them enough credibility to claim they actually did their job. The nation is the biggest loser here.

Joe Biden Gaffes Again

Joe Biden has gaffed it again. The Democrat vice presidential candidate guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected president, there will be an international crisis within six months. I was especially curious to see how the Obama-loving media would report this potentially huge verbal faux pas by the Delaware senator.

As I expected, hardly a ripple in network television and the news above the fold focused on Britney Spears new hairstyle but no mention of Joe Biden and our impending international crisis. The old double standard was working overtime. I found myself wondering how the MSM would have treated Sarah Palin if she had said something the same thing.

Dan Rather to the rescue.  Occasionaly, someone in media remembers that fair and balanced is not just a network tagline. In this video, Dan Rather is talking with Joe Scarborough and calls the media whitewash exactly what it is; a double standard. Take a look

Newsbusters has a transcript

CNN Cracks ACORN Again

I have been very critical of the MSM regarding their overt bias and over/under reporting. I am always glad to give a hat-tip to CNN when they do a good job.

…the detail about the 2,100 phony registrations in Indiana is recycled from the segment Ed posted on Friday but the close-up of the registration forms and the extended interview with ACORN’s lawyer are new, proving that not only is CNN sticking with this story but they’re actually building it out. And not just this one. Remember, Drew Griffin’s also responsible for that clear-eyed, bolt-from-the-blue look at Obama’s relationship with Ayers. What on earth’s going on over there? Are they worried that MSNBC will be the Obama administration’s mouthpiece of choice so they’re slapping him around a bit as a warning not to make enemies of them?

Serious exit question: How, precisely, do people think ACORN’s going to influence the election? The worry, as I’ve understood it, is that the race will narrow and we’ll end up a la 2000 in a cliffhanger with one or two counties in some swing state deciding who wins. In that scenario, a few thousand phony votes would be monumental. Judging from some of the e-mail we’re getting, though, true believers think something bigger’s going on, as though an Obama win by a few percentage points — which would mean a margin of a few million votes — would be inherently shady. Explain to me how ACORN’s supposedly planning to convert these bogus registrations into actual bogus votes on a mass scale.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: CNN hits ACORN — again — for bogus voter registrations.

Rage On The Front Page

Just when I was gaining some confidence that the MSM was exercing a bit of fairness.

faith and factsAlert Paul Krugman and Frank Rich! There’s another outbreak of campaign-induced rage to report. Dissent has been stifled. Free speech is under assault.

By Democrats.

Oh, never mind.

If it were a Republican mob, you know this would be front page on the NYT and echoed on MSNBC, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, etc., etc., etc….

Michelle Malkin » More Democratic rage not on the front page.

Democrats Won't Hold Hearings On Fannie – Yet

It looks like Waxman and the Democrats are trying to downplay their role in the subprime debacle. It is time for all the cards to be placed on the table and let the chips fall where they may. Democrats, Republicans, insiders, outsiders. Whatever!

Whoever is as fault for this should be prosecuted and publically, and pilitcally, humiliated. This is the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and our politicians are doing what they do best. Play politics.

“Any hearing on oversight that does not begin with Fannie and Freddie and [former Fannie Mae CEO] Franklin Raines will be a sham,” said Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.). “This is like investigating a train robbery and only talking to the dining car stewards.”

The GOP attack from the dais came as the National Republican Campaign Committee and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) sent nearly simultaneous news releases criticizing Fannie and Freddie.

Boehner’s statement echoed Mica’s, saying, “Chairman Waxman’s refusal to hold hearings to examine their role says a lot about where the Democrats’ priorities lie.”

LA Times edits out McCain’s remarks on economy

Yesterday, McCain blasted Obama and the Democrats for the mess we are in. How does the LA Times cover the story? They pretended he never said anything about the !

Right Voices.

Double Standard of the Day

Sarah Palin is a dolt says Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball.  She looked into the camera during the debate and it made her look like a dolt.

Just a few days earlier though, when Barak Obama looked into the camera to answer debate questions Matthews judged the moved as forceful and direct.

A clear case of Chris Matthews allowing his bias and personal preferences to overshadow his reporting.

While everyone has their personal preferences, public news media is supposed to have a bare minimum of even handedness. This grows out of the fact that the public airwaves are, well, public. They exist to serve the public good.  Extreme partisanship has no place in standard news reporting. That is why Newspapers have OpEd pages.

Mainstream Media has blurred the line between news and opinion these days.

Today’s Double Standard Award.

Here are the Matthews quotes:

You know what I think of people when they come on “Hardball,” and they look at the camera, I think they’re dolts.

The differences were in no small part stylistic and visible with a glance to the stage: a 47-year-old black man who has been in the Senate for nearly four years standing at one lectern, facing a 72-year-old white-haired fixture of the Senate standing across from him. In many ways, Mr. Obama was a very different candidate than he was during the primary battles. He answered questions directly and affirmatively, typically looking right into the camera as he spoke.

Newsbusters and Michelle Malkin have addtional material you may like.

Gwen Ifill Seemed Fair

I posted a lengthy article about the appropriateness of Gwen Ifill serving as moderator for the VP debate. She has a real, not just apparent, conflict of interest with her new book lauding the “Age of Obama.” Liberals would never accept this conflict if the situation was reversed. Say if Rush Limbaugh were hosting a debate.

I have come to accept the Liberal bias of the MSM and recognize that we must live with it. The ongoing double standard still did not set well with me.

That said, Gwen seemed to be fair and balanced in her demeanor and questions.

So, maybe we should give Sean Hannity a shot at moderator. Bill O’Reilly? Dick Morris maybe? Anybody agree? Not even Brit Hume?

Let Limbaugh Moderate The Next Presidential Debate

I suggest we ask Rush Limbaugh to ‘moderate’ the next Presidential Debate. He does not have a book coming out on McCain. He has been a harsh critic of McCain at times. While he is a vocal conservative, he would add a good balance to the the line-up of Moderators we have this season. Compare him to Gwen Ifill.

Gwen Ifill is a partisan supporter of Barack Obama. As one writer described her, Ifill is so far in the Obama tank, she needs an oxygen line. She has book coming out that is nothing short of glowing in her admiration for the Senator. she has followed him on the campaign trail and written a piece for Essence that defines the term “Puff.”

What has been the reaction when people have questioned her ability to be impartial? RACISM she cries. She thinks I object to her because she is Black. How frighteningly silly.

I object because she is so obviously biased.

Let Rush Limbaugh moderate the next Presidential Debate. It will set the scales to fair and balanced.

Michelle Malkin’s article » A debate “moderator” in the tank for Obama comments:

Ifill and her publisher are banking on an Obama/Biden win to buoy her book sales. The moderator expected to treat both sides fairly has grandiosely declared this the “Age of Obama.” Can you imagine a right-leaning journalist writing a book about the “stunning” McCain campaign and its “bold” path to reform timed for release on Inauguration Day – and then expecting a slot as a moderator for the nation’s sole vice presidential debate?

Yeah, I just registered 6.4 on the Snicker Richter Scale, too.

Instapundit says The Fix Is In


Victimology Double Standard

WOW! The media double standard has reached a new high (or is that low?) by blaming Sarah Palin for the breakin to her Yahoo email account.

AP writer, Ted Bridis, says:

If Gov. Palin hadn’t been using a consumer-level Yahoo! account (more than one, actually) this crime wouldn’t have happened….

Wait. That can’t be right. Blame the victim? Hold people accountable for their actions and choices in life? Why Ted, you are starting to sound like a Conservative.

On the other hand, this could this be just one more knee-jerk reaction that results from a fluid definition of truth, integrity and morals? That must be it. Ted would never become a Conservative.

Michelle Malkin has a great article on this topic that includes an email exchange with Ted. AP reporter e-mails: Yeah, it’s all Palin’s fault.