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Blog Meme – What are you studying?

My friend David, at Boomer in the Pew, asked an interesting question yesterday; “What faith materials are you studying each week?”

As a pastor, I am always reading and studying for this weeks sermon as well as the sermon series that is a month away. Sermon podcasts have been a great blessing to me and they have enriched my devotional life measurably.

1. Daily Bible readings in the Old Testament
2. Finishing last Bible study on the book of Psalms for our Wed night series.
3. Preaching a series, “The church Jesus would join.” – This week is “The church of faith.”
4. Sermon podcasts I listen to – Craig Groeschel at, Tommy Nelson at Denton Bible Church, Bill Mounce – Sermon on the Mount, Tim Keller at Redeemer Pres. Church.
5. About to finish Keller’s book “The Reason for God
6. Also reading “A Call to Die” by David Nassar, “The Effective Executive” by Drucker, and “My Grandfather’s Son” by Clarence Thomas.

My longer term projects include –

1. Researching and writing for two books –
What if it’s Real?” A gentle apologetic for post-modern thinkers. Attempting to present a basic defense of the Gospel in a way that will connect with un-believers. I hope that believers will find it useful as a tool in their own ministries.

Think Clearly, Act Wisely” Short, devotional length chapters on the need to think and act biblically. The difficulty is collecting the hundreds of stories from over the years. Glad for you to share one.

2. Expanding our missions ministry in Peru – “Casa de la Fe.” I need to find more time to complete the website and promotional materials. We have had very good response from churches to support missions in efforts.

Take a look at answers from other readers at David’s website – Blog Meme
He has some podcasts I am surely going to listen to.