Winning Against Terrorists

George Bush

Ann Coulter wrote another of her blistering but humorous essays tweaking the noses of the Liberal Left. There wasn’t a major al-Qaida attack in 2003. Nor in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007. Liberals were flummoxed because they had set a standard of success that they expected Bush to fail. Grrrrr. The guns are winning. Bad guns. Very bad guns!

President Bush has correctly said, we have to be right 100 percent of the time.  However, the terrorists only have to be right one time. It is hard to believe, even for conservatives, that Bush has a perfect score for seven years. We have been so successful in fact that people have all but forgotten that the threat is real and dangerous. So they make jokes about the President and complain that we are fighting overseas.

Morose that there hasn’t been another terrorist attack on American soil for seven long years, liberals were ecstatic when Hurricane Gustav was headed toward New Orleans during the Republican National Convention last week. The networks gave the hurricane plenty of breaking-news coverage — but unfortunately it was Hurricane Katrina from 2005 they were covering.

On Keith Olbermann’s Aug. 29 show on MSNBC, Michael Moore said the possibility of a Category 3 hurricane hitting the United States “is proof that there is a God in heaven.” Olbermann responded: “A supremely good point.”

Actually, Olbermann said that a few minutes later to some other idiotic point Moore had made, but that’s how Moore would have edited the interview for one of his “documentaries,” so I will, too. I would only add that Michael Moore’s morbid obesity is proof that there is a Buddha.

I suggest you read the entire article. Especially the last two paragraphs. Bush 7, Terrorists 0.

Whose Side Is President Bush On?

George W. Bush I abhor Clinton-bashers and Bush-bashers alike. Bill Clinton neither did everything right nor everything wrong. Geroge Bush has not done everything right or everything wrong.

The prevailing attitude in partisan politics is that “my guy” can do anything and I will defend him but “your guy” is always wrong no matter what he does. This is just nonsense. People should learn to actually think and not just follow the crowd blindly. Shouldn’t we hold all politicians to the same high standard regardless of whether they are in our preferred party or not?

My friend from StumbleUpon, Right-Rice, pointed out this story to me.

Why is President Bush siding with drug smugglers in this border patrol issue? Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila plans to sue the USA for $5,000,000. He claims that while illegally transporting 743 pounds of marijuana into the States, the Border Patrol violated his civil rights. What they really did was try to arrest him. When Aldrete-Davila fled, there may have been an exchange of gunfire. Some suggest that the real error is that the agents did not report the incident properly.

Border issues are a nightmare. We need a clear policy that we enforce. Let’s quit passing laws, not enforcing them and then claiming we have a new “law” based on our practice. That is shoddy government.

In the meantime, when our police force try to arrest someone from another country with almost half a ton of illegal drugs, let’s throw them a party rather than throw the book at them. Come on President Bush, get this one right.