SNL Incest Joke is Evil

NBC and SNL have sunk to an incredible new low in their latest parody poking fun at Sarah Palin. Supposedly, the sketch was intended to poke fun at the New York Times and show how disconnected they are to most Americans. The wheels fell off when the skit suggested that Todd Plain had committed incest.

World Net Daily said that the skit does appear to mock the out of touch left-leaning reporters in New York and their lack of knowledge about Alaska, but conservative viewers didn’t find it funny.

“It is time the Palin family brought out the big guns. They need to sue General Electric, NBC, ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Florida resident Al Barrs told the Web site. “This is clearly criminal and defamation of character of an entire family and state. All the above needs to be taken to their knees big time once and for all.”

I am wondering what the ‘Looney Left’ would be saying about a video on YouTube that suggested an article be done in the Dallas Morning News about the possibility that Joe Biden was sexually involved with his daughter. Would the MSM be offended at that? This type of humor is evil.

NBC has an opinion page so that you can express your view online.

Sacred Monkeys has a good post on this.

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3 replies
  1. Joey
    Joey says:

    I wouldn’t be offended by that skit about Biden. As a Democrat I realize this election is about more than just griping about news coverage, it’s about major issues that will shape this world. This faux outrage is driving me nuts. It’s SNL, if you’re taking SNL serious, then you’re the one who is nuts.

    Go read the Onion sometime……you’ll find all sorts of lawsuits you can start with there.

  2. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Joey – My outrage is not false. In relation to party politics, I have been critical of Republicans in the past when they have acted without culture, tact or grace. No, I am not interested in lawsuits or reading ‘The Onion.’

    Charlie – I know they meant to poke fun at New Yorkers and the comedy makes sense. When you suggest that Todd Palin had a baby with his daughter, even in jest, it is not entirely at the expense of New Yorkers.

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