Sarah Rocks The Debate

My favorite line from the debate goes to Sarah Palin – “Nice to meet you. Hey, can I call you Joe?” After ‘Barak’ talked to ‘John’ in the first debate I thought it was a lovely, but subtle, jab.

Second favorite line also goes to Sarah – “It is so obvious that I am a Washington outsider,” Palin says, “someone just not used to the way you guys operate” as she points out Joe Biden’s attempt to double-talk his way to Obama’s position.

The media consensus seems to be that Palin did much better than expected. Liberals think she did poorly and Conservatives think she did great. The Liberals were hoping she would flop and were disappointed.  They seemed especially upset that Sarah did not always answer the exact question that was asked. I wonder why they haven’t raised that issue before with liberal candidates? The report from middle America seems more supportive of Palin.

There seems to be some real heat that Biden simply lied about a number of issues. Biden does make a huge gaffe on Article One of the Constitution. He should know better but it was a mistake not a lie. Most blogs that are posting a “Fact Check” blatantly reveal their bias to support their own candidate.  CBS News, for example, notes only one correction for Biden and ten for Palin.

Evangelical Outpost did a live blog as does Michelle Malkin. I enjoyed reading both. Hugh Hewitt has a scorecard that is absolutely excellent.

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2 replies
  1. Keith Neely
    Keith Neely says:

    I think she did hold her own. I think she is just as capable as any of the other candidates!!
    I will enjoy casting my vote to McCain and Palin!!!

    It should and will be o.k.

  2. eric
    eric says:

    Dr. Bruce,

    I, like you, am a Sarah Palin fan.

    I came across your site through Michelle Malkin’s site.

    My blog is the Tygrrrr Express.

    If you feel it is of a high quality, please consider a link or blogroll exchange.

    Also, I get a decent amount (not Malkin-sized!) of traffic, in case you have anything
    you would like to promote.


    eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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