Roundup for Today

The quote for today:

"Remember that Jesus Christ, referring to the humility of the publican, said that his prayer was heard. If this was said of a man whose life was evil, what may we not hope for if we are really humble?" – St. Vincent de Paul

Some news for the political junkies

Oil falls below $70 per barrel. Will Liberals that blamed Bush and McCain for his gas prices now praise them since I bought gas yesterday for $2.60 per gallon?

More hate and rage in politics.

Eric points out that Obama may be buyng the election.

I agree with Jeremy, Obama has over-saturated the media market.

Socialist Joins Arrogant on the List of Words Banned as Racist.

Judge Right has a grat article – Sytematically Moral.

Hugh Hewitt talks about same sex marriage in California.

Ed Morrissey thinks ACORN should be prosecuted under RICO.

AIG wants more money for Executive bonuses.

Jamie weighs in on the new Femocrats.


Christian news you can use –

Between Two Worlds reminds us to think about abortion as a issue about children and not just choice.

The Evangelical Outpost has a great article about the Harry Potter phenomenon; Evil, or just Medieval?

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Scrappleface, a new blog I just found, has my kind of humor.

Boomer has more info on the ESV Study Bible.

Teens are leaving the church.

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