Online Voter Registration

I am praying that over 150,000,000 people will register and vote in this election season. The opportunity to vote is both a right and a privilege. With the advent of the Internet, online voter registration is easier than ever. While concerns over voter fraud have attorneys piling up the fees, it should not keep anyone away from the polls. You should register online and vote.

Several sites are listed below that show how to register online to vote. Voter registration websites can be just as partisan as our political parties. I have tried to be fair and balanced by including Republicans, Democrats and Others.

Remember to register online for early or absentee voting.

Just Vote
Rock the Vote
Democrat registration form
Republican registration form

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5 replies
  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    That’s me, I’m the Self-composed guy who respectfully disagrees. Dr. Bruce suggested I write a post about my position and I’ve done so.

    To boil that post down to one pithy comment, I can just say if someone is so uninformed or apathetic they need coaxed into voting at this point in the game with all that’s going on, they don’t belong in a voting booth this election.

  2. John
    John says:

    While you pray for over 150,000,000 people to register and vote in this election season.
    I am praying that 80% of registered voters utilize there constitutional right not to vote, to protest & boycott these choices.
    That I have to vote mentality because its my duty is bullshit, how is this democracy. Vote for “A” or “B” because the two parties say so, I will say I think millions of registered voters prefer none of the above and a vote for either is a vote for self destruction if we abstain our vote, that is our message to the government that we do not confirm the electoral vote and therefore the election is invalid by the people.
    So an abstain vote is a vote for the people, yourself your dignity and for the USA, stay home on Nov. the 4th, do not watch TV or radio and do not log onto the web.

  3. GregE!
    GregE! says:

    Hey, this post is admirable…

    but new voters definitely aren’t going to skew in Johnny and Sarah’s favor…

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