Obama Ad Lies About Family Income

In a recent television ad, Barack Obama claims that family incomes are falling:

“For eight years, you’ve been told that the way to a stronger was to give huge tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and somehow prosperity would trickle down. Well now we know the truth. It didn’t work. Instead of prosperity trickling down, pain has trickled up. Working family incomes have fallen by $2,000 a year.”

According to the Tax Foundation, that is not actually true.  They go on to say it is “not even in the ballpark.”

Faith and FactsReal incomes for working families have not even fallen by $2,000 in the entire eight year period of the past eight years, according to the Census Bureau; and that’s even judging by an income metric (cash money income) that doesn’t include in-kind benefits like the value of employer-provided health insurance. . . .

…median family income in 2007 (most recent year data is available) was at an all-time high, and mean working family income (which can be skewed by very high income earners) has actually only fallen by about $348 in real terms since 2000. The latter implies an average decline of about $50 per year, meaning Obama is overstating the decline by about forty-fold.

I realize that in any campaig, both parties make claims that are disputed by their opponents. One role of the media is to fact-check these claims/accusations and report the truth.

Sadly, the mainstream media is embedded so deeply in Obama’s hip pocket they refuse to analyze an outrageous accusation such as this one.

Don’t expect the MSM to call attention to the fact that this ad by Barack Obama and the Democrats is an outright lie.

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