Not All Women Are Stupid Or Liberal

I am always pleased to discover new blogs that apply Christian faith to issues in our culture. You will want to take a look at Flashpoint. It is the blog of Women of Faith in Culture. This article, by Executive Director Sarah Flashing is wonderful.

fetus sucking thumbYesterday, the Feminist Majority put out a statement against Colorado’s Amendment 48. Apparently, Amendment 48 would recognize the personhood of embyos. This is what the Feminist Majority had to say about that:

“We want to make sure that women have more rights than an egg!”

Well, either their statement reflects a profound ignorance–because those of us who are pro-life do not equate eggs with embryos– or this is what they have been wanting to say all along.

With smoke and mirrors, they speak of the embryo in its pre-fertilized state so as to avoid the scientific truth we know about all embryos…that they are living human organisms. Eggs are not.

Why do they do they insist on ignoring this scientifically obvious difference? Because the Feminist Majority really does believe that grown women have more rights than smaller humans, and that this goes against the conscience of the majority of Americans. It is necessary to their agenda to obfuscate this issue because an egg with moral worth is not an egg, its an embryo.

Young women in their reproductive years are being psychologically primed to donate their eggs for research purposes, but these eggs never remain eggs, they become embryos. If they are persuaded to believe falsely that their eggs forever remain eggs, then they don’t have to consider that the eggs they give up actually become their embryonic offspring. What woman is not repulsed by the notion if giving up her offspring for research? For the Feminist Majority to speak of fertilized eggs as simply eggs is scientifically false and a deliberate attempt to confuse the same women they believe have more rights than these much smaller humans. How can they, the Feminist Majority, claim to respect the rights of women if they can’t respect our basic intelligence?

Flash Point: The Feminist Majority Prefers Women Kept Stupid.

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7 replies
  1. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I’m honored and humbled by your reposting of my article. Women especially need to be responding to the lies of secular feminism. They don’t speak for many women at all.

  2. GregE!
    GregE! says:

    “The lies of secular feminism.” Hahahahahahahaha…

    What is your problem? Why can’t you allow people to make decisions for themselves, and govern their own bodies? You have no right to interfere.

    Don’t want an abortion? Don’t get one. Don’t want a gay marriage? Don’t get one.

    If you think a woman who gets an abortion is doomed to hell, then… she’s made a decision that gets her doomed to hell. Bad news for her, but has no effect on your ultimate judgment!

    By the way, this initiative is totally getting shot down, thankfully the sane parts of Colorado > Colorado Springs (fundie land!)

  3. Carol
    Carol says:

    Why do Pro abortionists always bring up gay marriage?
    Not all Pro lifers care about right wing politics!
    This is only about abortion.

    Why can’t YOU let the unborn govern their own bodies by giving them a chance to LIVE? At least half the murdered babies would have grown up to become WOMEN.
    Your argument fails because we have many laws which restrict what women and MEN can do to their bodies….why? Because what they do may affect others! Abortion kills. Even abortion doctors will admit this fact.There is no maybe about it, unlike the maybes that might happen if a person abuses drugs or alcohol.
    There are too many ways to prevent unplanned pregnancy available to support early abortion on demand, and too many medical interventions available to deem late abortion a necessity to save a woman’s life. Preemies are surviving at younger and younger ages.
    So really, it is all a fight for the stubborn right to kill the unborn for selfish and petty convenience.

  4. StevieKate
    StevieKate says:


    I think that the pro-life logic may come from a different angle than you seem to think – at least mine does. You see, in most cases I believe that the government should stay out of how people decide to live their lives. I do not want the government to have input in my education, career, and marriage choices. The same for other people. A pro-life position is not about limiting a woman’s rights, it is about protecting a baby’s. Our core sense of “rights” have to do with the fact that we are free to do things up and until the point that we begin to infringe on others rights. A woman has the right to do many things with her body but having an abortion clearly infringes on the baby’s right to life.

    I questioned myself at first wondering if I should leave this comment. My thought was that it might simply be in vain, but seeing as you have a record of leaving antagonizing comments from a clearly liberal standpoint on a clearly conservative blog, I figure that this is just the kind of jazz you are looking for.


  5. Teri
    Teri says:

    Just a comment and observation from a Biblical perspective:

    In my Bible, it say that God gave us each the right to obey and follow Him or give in to Satan. Essentially, obey or not. The choice is ours, each individual. Taking that into consideration, I do NOT have a right under God to make any choice for another, no matter that choice.

    I can choose for myself and I will answer to God for my choices on His day of judgment. Just the same, each other individual in this world will have to do the same. We are NOT the judge. God is.

    Each of us will individually answer to God for the individual choices we make. If God gave us all that choice individually, what right does any man have to say we do not have that choice? Even if that man believes we will be condemned to hell for that choice. The judgment is God’s to make, not ours.

    The Bible states it so. I believe the Bible to be God’s Word. I choose to obey to the best of my ability that Word. In turn, it is not my right, responsibility or obligation to choose for another, period, end of sentence. No more argument.

    God IS in charge, not us.

  6. Neva
    Neva says:

    My feelings on this are that we all must pay the consequences for our choices, good or bad. So when a woman makes the choice to have sex, she knows there is a possibility she will get pregnant, so if she does, then she should pay for that choice. Killing a living baby that she made the initial choice to have should not be considered a choice. It is clearly murder and is against God’s 5th commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. How any woman can justify abortion is impossible for me to understand . If FOCA passes, we will all have to answer to God for it. Amen.

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