ESV Study Bible

New ESV Study Bible

Many in the Christian community have been eagerly awaiting the new ESV Study Bible. Demand has already been a bit overwhelming for Crossway. Pre-publication demand exceeded 100,000 copies. This is a true study Bible combining dozens, even hundreds, of resource materials for in-depth examination of the Word of God. Personally, I have enjoyed the ESV translation immensly. My friend David Porter had a review up on his website within 24 hours of receiving his copy.

ESV Study BibleLook what I just received yesterday!  I just received my first copy of the new English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible! I was so excited to receive it, the first thought that came to my mind was to photograph it for my blog. For this first post, on the new ESV Study Bible, I thought I would share with you my first impressions. 1.)  Wow!  This is a huge text!  According to my blue Chinese desk ruler, this text, lying on its back, it is 2 1/8 inches deep!  That depth competes with the copy of Dr. Wayne Grudem's "Systematic Theology" that also sits on my desk. 2.)  2,750+ pages! 3.)  Another reason for my enthusiasm,  is affinity.  Dr. Wayne Grudem was the General Editor of this project.  Wayne is also my Sunday School teacher. There are two other contributors, to this project, that I know from my home church:  Dr.(s) Paul Wegner & John DelHousaye. Further still, there are many contributers who are my mentors from afar.  Examples include, J.I. Packer, Vern Poythress, Darrell Bock, John Piper, and quite a few more.  Additionally, there are many scholars, from all over the world, who I look forward to getting to know.  With the Internet, it is incredibly easy to plug right into their minds! 4.)  Content!  Of course, first and foremost, this is God's sacred text.  But as you all know, this text can be difficult to understand.  With this study Bible you literally have scores of the world's most brilliant minds, holding your hand all along the way.  I noticed also, that this study Bible also touches on some of our culture's most difficult challenges such as abortion, world religions and cults, foundational doctrines, and much, much more. 5.)  On-line ESV Study Bible website.  I haven't perused this additional value as of yet, but I did get, with my new Bible, a secret password that unlocks features that evidently allow me to personalize the site.  For example, evidently I will be able to keep notes, on the web, of my studies.  My mind reels with the possibilities of such an on-line resource and the possible community that could be formed around the study of God's word.

Whatever your translation preference, the ESV Study Bible will be a worthy addition as you grow in your understanding of God's Word.

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  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    ESV bible !
    Is there going to be anything new in it ?, I doubt it very much !
    so far all the so called new version are nothing more than the product of Wescott and Hort.
    Indeed,It is worth seeing, if it comes from the Textus Rectus(the received word )We are aware that the work of deception that Satan started in the Garden of Eden is still on going.

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