sermonzoneDr. Bruce L. Baker

Doing as well as hearing the Word of God occupies the center of my life and I am committed to my family, church, community and country. My politics will typically run toward the conservative in fiscal areas and toward the liberal in social issues, despite my strong pro-life stance. When others do not agree with me I happily engage in civil discourse that debates ideas and their merits but have no patience with those that substitute personal attacks for dialogue and reason.

Double-standards need to be exposed and eliminated. We should apply the same standards and logic to both sides of an issue. Everyone should hold politicians in their own party to the same standard as those in the other party.

After planning on a career in law, I served Baptist churches for over 30 years. I grew up Methodist and some church members have never forgiven me for it. Some folks from New Mexico have never forgiven me for being born in Texas either. I played basketball in college but three spinal surgeries have put an end to most sporting activities. My wonderful wife, Penny, is more than I ever deserve. And yes, the doctorate is earned.

I work with a variety of non-profit groups that focus on helping people; especially women and children. Carey Association serves hundreds of families across Calcasieu and Jeff Davis Parishes. Volunteers provide food, clothes, and an ample supply of hugs and encouragement.

The Bible instructs believers to engage culture as salt and light. I look forward to the dialog in this forum to discuss just what that means.

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