Let Limbaugh Moderate The Next Presidential Debate

I suggest we ask Rush Limbaugh to ‘moderate’ the next Presidential Debate. He does not have a book coming out on McCain. He has been a harsh critic of McCain at times. While he is a vocal conservative, he would add a good balance to the the line-up of Moderators we have this season. Compare him to Gwen Ifill.

Gwen Ifill is a partisan supporter of Barack Obama. As one writer described her, Ifill is so far in the Obama tank, she needs an oxygen line. She has book coming out that is nothing short of glowing in her admiration for the Senator. she has followed him on the campaign trail and written a piece for Essence that defines the term “Puff.”

What has been the reaction when people have questioned her ability to be impartial? RACISM she cries. She thinks I object to her because she is Black. How frighteningly silly.

I object because she is so obviously biased.

Let Rush Limbaugh moderate the next Presidential Debate. It will set the scales to fair and balanced.

Michelle Malkin’s article » A debate “moderator” in the tank for Obama comments:

Ifill and her publisher are banking on an Obama/Biden win to buoy her book sales. The moderator expected to treat both sides fairly has grandiosely declared this the “Age of Obama.” Can you imagine a right-leaning journalist writing a book about the “stunning” McCain campaign and its “bold” path to reform timed for release on Inauguration Day – and then expecting a slot as a moderator for the nation’s sole vice presidential debate?

Yeah, I just registered 6.4 on the Snicker Richter Scale, too.

Instapundit says The Fix Is In


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15 replies
  1. Lefter
    Lefter says:

    Biased is putting it sooooooooooo mildly. And same for me, race never enters the picture on issues like this, but choosing Gwen almost forces race as an issue -her views are highly afro-centric and she is the poster-child of everything wrong with The Nannystate Socialism hot-button Dem Voter-base issues, It’s just a tragically unfortunate choice.

  2. Humbled Infidel
    Humbled Infidel says:

    Definite double standard here.

    If Rush were to be moderator we wouldn’t hear the end of the liberals shouting from all roof tops “bias”

    This is sickening.

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Like that’s gonna happen, would be nice to see someone from the right actually get to moderate one and ask some decent questions for a change. heck, even O’Reilly would be interesting to watch. But no, the left would scream bloody murder and get their skivvies all in a tangle.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    They really need to completely re-do the whole format. There just is no such thing as unbiased reporting any more. May as well make it fair and open. I don’t know that Limbaugh would be my first choice, but someone like Michael Medved would do a great job. If you pay careful attention to his show and have listened for a while, you see right away he is good at moderating two people arguing with each other, is abundantly fair, and manages air time well.

    I’d also like to see a format where the candidates are separate and can’t see or hear what the other is saying.

  5. LaQuanna
    LaQuanna says:

    Seriously? You conservative christian republicans are so pathetic. Why are you so scared of competent, secular leaders from a background that doesn’t example resemble your own sheltered upbringing?

    Limbaugh is a hick. Ifill is an intelligent, competent journalist. The questions tonight are going to be fair, and if Palin stumbles she has only herself to blame.


    I have changed the name to reflect that these three comments are from the same person and posted without a legitimate email or website. In the spirit of discussion I have kept the contents of the comments without the profanity.

  6. LaQuanna
    LaQuanna says:

    I think the problem with the Republican Party and its sycophants on Fox News and talk radio is that they have completely lost a sense of accountability.

    Fail to deliver coherent policy proposals and a consistent message? It’s the liberal media’s fault! They’re always distorting things! It’s so unfair! How dare they point out the myriad contradictions that spew forth every time we open our mouths?

    Get over your victim mentality, please. Thanks. You are not, in fact, under siege by “secular-progressive liberals.” You are the ones damaging this country, and you are the ones who use your power to strip the rights away from those who don’t share your narrow-minded religious dogma.


    I have changed the name to reflect that these three comments are from the same person and posted without a legitimate email or website. In the spirit of discussion I have kept the contents of the comments without the profanity.

  7. LaQuanna
    LaQuanna says:






    I have changed the name to reflect that these three comments are from the same person and posted without a legitimate email or website. In the spirit of discussion I have kept the contents of the comments without the profanity.

  8. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Hi LaQuanna,

    Thought you wouldn’t get caught eh?

    #1 – Calling people names is the poorest form of social discourse. The question is tongue-in-cheek, which I guess you missed and designed to point out the hypocrisy of the MSM.

    #2 – The current problems and Fannie and Freddie should get your attention when it comes to distorting the truth but you are entitled to your own opinion.

    #3 – Why are you shouting? If God is a myth then why are you so angry about it? And yes, Gay people have tried to convert me but I have never killed anyone and try hard not to ostracize anyone. And I do think Harry Potter is very interesting but still less so than Jesus Christ.

    Nice to meet you. Have a blessed day.

  9. Elliott
    Elliott says:

    Hey Dr. Bruce:

    Curious how you changed all three messages to say they were from “Laquanna,” when my name is actually Elliott. I wonder why you did that… I guess you believe your readers would more readily ridicule a message from someone named “Laquanna” than someone with a “white” name like Elliott or Kelly. Racist?

  10. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Hi Elliott,

    So everyone is clear, Elliot posted 3 comments under 3 different names with 3 different email addresses with 3 different domain names. I removed the email and domain addresses since they were obviously false and profane.

    The ethnic connotation never occurred to me. LaQuanna was the name in the first post I had in my list to review. I think I will leave it though just for fun.

    The juxtaposition of faith and facts is only contradictory if one assumes a worldview of 100% Naturalism. Curiously, this is an article of faith in itself since it cannot be proved by natural means.

    We loved Hanauma Bay but were unable to visit any of the other islands.

    Your views and dialogue are always welcome.

    blessings, b

  11. Westerner1967
    Westerner1967 says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous to have someone so biased be the moderator. Rush would be an excellent choice, and at least he is clear about his bias but will let the other side explain their point. There has yet to be a debate involving liberals/democrats where they don’t try to dominate the conversation and always be talking over the conservative in the room.
    The day has come when liberals no longer control the information people are getting, and the public are able to recognize bias when they see it.

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