Joe Biden Gaffes Again

Joe Biden has gaffed it again. The Democrat vice presidential candidate guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected president, there will be an international crisis within six months. I was especially curious to see how the Obama-loving media would report this potentially huge verbal faux pas by the Delaware senator.

As I expected, hardly a ripple in network television and the news above the fold focused on Britney Spears new hairstyle but no mention of Joe Biden and our impending international crisis. The old double standard was working overtime. I found myself wondering how the MSM would have treated Sarah Palin if she had said something the same thing.

Dan Rather to the rescue.  Occasionaly, someone in media remembers that fair and balanced is not just a network tagline. In this video, Dan Rather is talking with Joe Scarborough and calls the media whitewash exactly what it is; a double standard. Take a look

Newsbusters has a transcript

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3 replies
  1. Denise (Brooklyn, New York)
    Denise (Brooklyn, New York) says:

    MSM has taken misogyny, unobjectivity to a whole new level. I find it hard to believe that they are playing this down and playing it down, they are.

    I saw the transcript earlier and could not believe that Biden compared a possible Obama presidency to that of Kennedy. But, true to form, he left out a few things.

    Kennedy, also young and inexperienced made a mess of things. Let us not forget the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs.

    An Obama presidency is sure to be a nightmare for us and a welcome for terrorists throughout the world.


  2. Judge Right
    Judge Right says:

    Very interesting choice of interviewees. Dan Rather of “Rathergate” infamy is criticizing the double standard in the big media. Would it be proper to say this came straight from the horse’s mouth?

  3. David W. Walters
    David W. Walters says:

    The gas that is so cheap this week…..?
    -Remember econ 101? As we inch towards a depression, the demand for oil, as a commodity on the futures market will drop….as dictated by our markets… yeah, i guess this liberal will praise Bush for lowering our gas prices!

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