Just How Peaceful Is Islam?

How Peaceful is Islam? Over the centuries, evil men have executed evil plans in the name of Christianity and Islam. Often against one another. In the 21st century, most Christian leaders and activists acknowledge the past evil and seek to apply the love of Jesus in a Godly and peaceful way. While this does not exclude the use of military force, it does guide its use.

Based on this, many writers and commentators condemn the entire Christian faith. When a handful of people carryout their evil acts in the name of Christ, Christians must speak the truth in love and condemn evil, especially when it is done by those that claim the mantle of faith in Jesus.

In the same way, the leaders of Islam must condemn the constant use of violence by those claiming to be followers of Islam if they want to assert that Islam is a religion of peace. Hezbollah cannot use children as human shields while firing their weapons and then condemn Israel because children were killed in the ensuing military conflict. When terrorists, in the name of Islam, send teenage children strapped with explosives into shopping malls to kill innocent Jewish people, Islam has forfeited the `moral high-ground’ they so fervently wish to occupy.

Can you imagine the outcry if there had been 5000+ acts of terrorism in the name of Christianity or Judaism? The horror of the Holocaust and Nagasaki would pale in comparison to the ensuing political meltdown.

Those that bash Bush, hate America, and condemn Israel must make at least a token attempt to be fair and even-handed in this debate. There have been many terrible decisions and outrageous failures in the last 50 years of Middle East conflict and a large number since 9/11.

It seems to me at least 5711 of the evil acts have been done in the name of Islam by those claiming to follow the Prophet and Allah.

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