Is Haiti Cursed?

haiti earthquakeIn the aftermath of the devastation in Haiti, Pat Robertson made international headlines by claiming that the country is cursed.  Robertson stated that the troubles in Haiti can be traced back to the time they “swore a pact with the devil” while fighting for their independence from France. World leaders and news outlets immediately denounced Robertson’s comments as inaccurate and insensitive in this time of tragedy.

Knee jerk reactions seem to abound on both sides. Perhaps a more reasoned analysis is needed.

It seems that what Robertson is really saying is that God is passing judgment on Haiti for its commitment to Voodoo. God is judging sin.  The bible clearly states that part of God’s dealing with the political systems of the world is to pass judgment on them. Further, God has and will continue to judge nations and cultures based on His Word and holiness. Finally, there will be a day when He judges all of the world and history. Everyone will stand before Him.

Even though Judaism, Christianity and Islam each have clear messages of final judgment and accountability, the world and its leaders reject the idea that it could ever actually happen. A Christian, however, cannot believe that God is a mere bystander in world events.

From most any viewpoint one must describe the recent earthquake in Haiti as a disaster. Some writers, even secular ones, have described the destruction in ‘biblical proportions.’ One need only review the last 10 years to recognize the truth of that view.

Haiti earthquakeHaiti is a caricature of political corruption and the catalog of natural disasters is mind-numbing.  In the last 10 years Haiti has suffered four tropical storms or hurricanes and four major floods each killing hundreds. A killer combination of geography, deforestation, shoddy building standards, poverty, an ill-prepared government, and heart-wrenching social ills keep this country in a near constant state of emergency.

This is the 15th disaster since 2001 in which the U.S. Agency for International Development has sent money and help to Haiti. Some 3,000 people have been killed and millions of people displaced in the disasters that preceded this week’s earthquake. Since the turn of this century the U.S. has sent more than $16 million in disaster aid to Haiti.

For this to be the deadliest quake on record, the death toll will have to top the 2004 Asian tsunami that killed more than 227,000 and a 1976 earthquake in China that killed 255,000. While early estimates on the death toll topped 500,000, it now seems likely to be much lower.

Helping Haiti

helping HaitiAt times like these people naturally want to help. Recent tales of corruption and mismanagement frighten people. Everyone wants to know their gifts are being used properly. I will be giving money through my local church that will be channeled through the Southern Baptist Convention. Click on the photo to give online.

I found a great post on How to Help Haiti that gives links and details for many worthwhile organizations that you can be confident in your giving. It also has links for Twitter and Facebook feeds giving up-to-the-minute details in Haiti.

The American Red Cross has a simple and unique plan.  Text the word Haiti to 90999  in order to donate $10.

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12 replies
  1. Mel Alarilla
    Mel Alarilla says:

    The remarks of Pat Robertson regarding the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti may be Biblically correct but its timing is off tangent. When a country is reeling under a monstrous disaster that had claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants and the citizens are already panicking to search for their missing relatives aside from the scarcity of basic goods, Robertson’s remarks are like the proverbial storm after a major earthquake. Maybe the Haitians may be guilty of so many things, including voodooism and devil worship, but they deserve respect in their moments of collective griefs. I respect Mr. Pat Robertson, we all do, but his timing was lousy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  2. David Tamayo
    David Tamayo says:

    Mr. Robinson is speaking primarily to people that share his belief and faith. His belief is his right and he has the right to voice his opinion and in his position as a leader within the community of those that share his belief he is going to naturally point out those things that he feels will bolster the faith of those he leads and hopefully bring others into the flock. Quite frankly those that get angry over such statements and hold him in disdain are not his target market, and by doing so only spread his message by prolonging the conversation. Your post is fantastic in that it gives a logical explanation as to the possible intention and meaning of the statement as well as point out how somebody might help those that are in such dire need. ;o) Take care my friend. ;o)

  3. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    I could not agree more Mel and David. Thanks.

    The message of Christ must always be delivered with love and compassion. Especially when it is a message of judgment. Robertson’s comments appear, to me, to lack that basic kindness that Jesus teaches us.

  4. Cinnamon
    Cinnamon says:

    As humans, it is not our place to pass judgement. Never to say “I told you so..” especially at moments of tragedy.
    Haiti is suffering from the consequences of actions from past and present, whether it is through shoddy constructions, deforestation…. the unfortunate part is that innocent people are suffering from the consequences of other people’s actions. This is why the word “punishment” should not be used lightly, because innocent people should not be made to suffer from the wrongdoings of other people. When people of God start passing judgement like saying “Haiti’s earthquake is a punishment from God”, it can only alienate people from God.

  5. Cinnamon
    Cinnamon says:

    I don’t think that humans should pass judgement such as “Haiti’s tragedy being a punishment from God”. It is true that Haiti’s people are suffering from consequences of actions from past and present such as deforestation and shoddy construction. However, innocent people are suffering from these consequences, and when innocent people are suffering from actions of other people, this becomes injustice.
    People of God should rally around the innocents that are sufferings, instead of condemning them and saying “Yea, you are now being punished.” This only alienate people from God.

  6. Dominique
    Dominique says:

    While I think Robertson’s timing could have been better, I can’t say I disagree with his assessment of the situation. You did a great job pointing out just how much has happened to these people.

    It is unfortunate, however, that in today’s climate we cannot state a Biblical truth without being considered a lunatic or worse.

    My heart breaks for the people of Haiti and all they are enduring. On the positive side, God’s grace and love are reaching them and many are responding.

  7. David W. Walters
    David W. Walters says:

    As Cinnamon stated:
    >>…This only alienate people from God.<<
    Is certainly true from my perspective, since it is hard to believe in a god who'd use such methods to enforce his insane insecurity.

  8. Mel Alarilla
    Mel Alarilla says:

    I cannot in conscience remain silent when some body attacks God by attributing human weakness to Him. If we do, then we don’t k now God or has no inkling about Him. God is sovereign. He has no insecurities like mere mortals. And human errors and weaknesses from people associated with Him never in any way diminish His infinite power and glory. To malign God would be like spitting at heaven and one’s spitum falling down on his own face. God is God no matter how mere mortals picture Him to be. He was, is and forever will be sovereign and infinite though the whole universe would crumble. Thanks Dr. Baker. God bless you always.

  9. Just Hunting Tips
    Just Hunting Tips says:

    I would say that Haiti is cursed. What Haiti was doing was wrong and they were living a very immoral life. They participated in voodoo and other demonic religions that were strongly against god and his teachings. What happened to Haiti is a classic example of Sodom and Gomorrah. Haiti was living immorally so God decided to punish them. He did this through the earthquake and Haiti was punished justly for their actions.

  10. Stephen Buck
    Stephen Buck says:

    Suggesting that God can somehow control earthquakes and hurricanes shows how uncritical your reasoning skills are. See for a study on the correlation between earthquake deaths and corruption. One thing missing is the percentage of religious affiliation. You’ll notice there are major exceptions to your god wrath hypothesis, like the Samoan tsunami, which is 98% Christian or greater. Either god can’t control natural events, or is terrible with aim. If you don’t step outside your god box, then your reasoning skills are likely to be as terrible as your god’s aim.

  11. Rick's World
    Rick's World says:

    That’s sort of like saying that Aids is a judgment of God on gay people. Whether it is or not, and whether or not the earthquake in Haiti was a judgment from God, I don’t believe it’s our place as humans to say. Unless I have a direct line with God, and He tells me personally, I’m not going to make assumptions about disasters, natural and otherwise. I have too much awe and respect for the power of God, which is very real, to make assumptions like that.
    I have a lot of respect for Pat Robertson, and so I won’t make assumptions about whether or not he has a direct line with God. Maybe he does.
    This is passing judgment on a whole country….I wouldn’t want to be in that position unless I knew for sure what I was saying.

  12. ClinicallyClueless
    ClinicallyClueless says:

    I have also heard about Pat Robinson’s response and was deeply saddened and angry for God is also one of compassion and love. He grieves for them. I also wrote a post from other things that I have found which ended up in me writing a post called Haiti: Heartache and Hatred. I think that you might find it interesting to read the link is Really, really, really, I am not trying to get you to read my blog, but I do think that you will find the article interesting.

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