Hermeneutics Quiz

How do you interpret Scripture? What are the rules you follow to understand what the Bible meant then and how it should be applied today?

These are just two of the questions one asks when learning hermeneutics. This discipline applies to all ancient literature but is under attack by those contemporary philosophers that promote ‘personalizing’ the text. That is, it means whatever it means to you. This is of course the logical extension of post-modernism into the arena of literature.

Biblical interpretation requires higher standards and more rigorous discipline from believers. We are not free to ‘personalize’ a text in this way. Moses, Paul, and Isaiah had something to say and we need to grasp what they meant, not merely what we want.

Scot McKnight  has developed an interactive quiz along with Christianity Today. I suggest you take the test and reflect on what your score means for your personal walk with Christ and your commitment to Scripture.

Take the Quiz.

BTW – I scored 52 which makes me Conservative in my approach to Scripture

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  1. Meredith (Jones) King
    Meredith (Jones) King says:

    Hi Dr. Baker!

    I saw your mother over the holidays–she said you had a blog…so I thought I would look you up! I would love to know how your family is doing and what is going on in your world! I felt this Hermeneutics Quiz was an appropriate kick-back to our senior Bible class! What we learned that year has proven very valuable. BTW…I scored 51. 😉

    Blessings to you and your family!

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