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Go Vegan to Stop Climate Change!

Blame it on the cows!

The sky is falling, the ozone is fading and the earth is warming. And who is the biggest culprit in this fiasco? Cows. That’s right. Cows. C-O-W-S! Freakonomics has an incredible article with the details.

Turns out, veganism offers the single most effective path to reducing global climate change. Eating less meat means fewer animals in the stockyards and fewer animal “emissions” means less global warming. Overall, the point seems pretty strong: global veganism could do more than any other single action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vegans are still considered as sort of “out there,” a fringe group of animal rights activists with pasty skin and protein issues. However, as a recent report from the World Preservation Foundation confirms, ignoring veganism in the fight against climate change is sort of like ignoring fast food in the fight against obesity.

Forget ending dirty coal or natural gas pipelines, stop eating meat.

Turns out I am a person that is easily offended by double-standards. If you accept the conventional wisdom of man-made global warming caused by greenhouse gases, you should unequivocally embrace veganism. If you are unwilling to do that, then you must admit that hamburgers are more important to you than the environment. And climb down off your moralizing hobby horse while you’re at it please.

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3 replies
  1. Jeshurun
    Jeshurun says:

    That’s, actually, very strange…. I would expect, that a sizable reduction in The Human Predator Population – would cause the number of cattle to actually increase, as it does to such animals in the wild! Or, are you proposing to slaughter them genocide style; and simply waste all of that food – while millions are still starving?

    Can domesticated livestocks even exist without human assistance to do so? And, if not, then aren’t you also advocating the extinction of our own genetic diversity?

    If the elimination of all: Cows, Buffalo, Oxen, Reindeer, Sheep, Goats, etc…. – is a good thing… then why don’t we go ahead and kill all of the other predators too… after all, they must also contribute to The CO2 Supply?

    How far do we go down that road… to its inevitable conclusion?

  2. Dr. Bruce
    Dr. Bruce says:

    Sorry for the delay in writing back. I had not thought of the “Predator” issue. It could be that since a great deal (majority?) of cattle are raised for human consumption, that lower consumption would lower cattle population. At least that seems to be the logic of the original author.

    For me this falls in my most frustrating category of Double-Standards. When people advocate a position and try to attach moral certainty to the issue but hold themselves or another issue to a different standard.

    Thanks for your insight. Blessings!

  3. Harold
    Harold says:

    I’ve heard all these things many time before, and I will have to stand up and say that I neither buy the stories of either cow flatulence or mankind causing some kind of mythical global warming.

    Having said that, all these processes of food production do produce massive amounts of environmental pollution, create massive suffering of the animals farmed in these modern cruel ways, and that people are over consuming all food types and especially meat products through gluttony in the western world, and that we should all indeed do everything we possibly can to reduce our animal product intake at all times, which indeed goes to the same vegan concept of this article. And with this, I agree in the promotion of more veganism in the daily lives of all, for health, wellbeing, a cleaner environment, and a reduction in animal cruelty.

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