Fireproof – the Movie

I always like to comment on things happening in American culture and evaluate them from a Christian worldview. While politics has dominated my recent posts, I am not in any danger of becoming a ‘political’ blog. Fireproof was released in theaters recently and is a movie you will want to see. It deals with the type of marital conflicts that I have talked with couples about for years; stress, conflict, values, intimacy, work, etc. Joyfully, it diverges from the typical film describing a marriage with problems and shows how one couple overcomes their difficulties by applying Christian values.

Focus on the Family said:

As the couple prepares to enter divorce proceedings, Caleb’s father challenges his son to make a 40-day commitment called, "The Love Dare." Caleb becomes frustrated throughout the process and finally asks his father, "How am I supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me?" When his father explains that this is the love Christ shows to us, Caleb makes a life-changing commitment to God. He then faces his toughest job ever: rescuing his wife’s heart. also had a great review

Firefighter Caleb Holt is willing to sacrifice his life to save strangers from death in burning buildings, but his reluctance to sacrifice anything at all for his wife, Catherine, is tearing their marriage apart. As Caleb struggles with his anger and his addiction to pornography, Catherine is drawn to the romantic advances of a colleague at work. Neither of them seem very interested in saving their marriage, until Caleb’s father steps in and challenges his son to take The Love Dare: forty days of exercises in unconditional love that may or may not change Catherine’s decision to file for divorce, but will certainly change Caleb forever. Fireproof is from the studio that made Facing the Giants.

The NY Times says, It’s a Healthy Marriage of Faith and Filmmaking

An almost all-volunteer cast and crew, including a star who was an ’80s teen heartthrob, and a plot about a firefighter who saves his marriage by turning to God — it hardly sounds like a recipe for box office success, let alone a best-selling book. But that’s what the film “Fireproof” has spawned. The movie features Kirk Cameron, an alumnus of the television show “Growing Pains,” as the firefighter, and it cost just $500,000 to produce. Yet it opened two weekends ago with $6.5 million in ticket sales, good for No. 4 at the box office, just a few spots behind the No. 1 big-budget action thriller "Eagle Eye" and five spots ahead of Spike Lee’s World War II epic, “Miracle at St. Anna.” This past weekend “Fireproof” made $4.1 million more and so far has about $12.5 million total, according to estimates by Media by Numbers, a box office tracking company.

Enjoy the trailer:

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4 replies
  1. Barry Wallace
    Barry Wallace says:

    I was glad to see that it had such a strong opening. Extraordinary, really, considering it was only showing in 839 theaters compared to other movies running in thousands of theaters.

    I’m eager to see it. I think I’ll take my wife to it on a date night.

  2. Annie
    Annie says:

    I’m happily surprised it’s started so strongly. Facing the Giants was a little amateurish from several standpoints and couldn’t stand up to the scrutiny, although the message was well portrayed. I hope this effort fares better.

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