Faith Intersecting Culture

Here are some places that personal faith and public life collide.

A good quote to start the day –

A Christian is not his own master, since all his time belongs to God.

– St. Ignatius of Antioch

  • faith and facts christian culture media politics intersectionTroopergate – Sarah had the authority to fire him but it is an ‘Abuse of Power’ to threaten to fire him. Huh?
  • Joe the Plumber is not a Socialist and Barack Obama sure sounds like a Socialist
  • The ESV Study Bible is a big hit and smart Christian women with smart blogs are wonderful
  • Government health-care in Hawaii hits a snag
  • ACORN is engaged in fraud, fraud and more fraud
  • Bill Dyer examines the Integrity Gap between McCain and Obama
  • If you give a ‘tax cut’ to someone thast does not pay taxes, that is just a handout
  • Media Bias is alive and well
  • Some people need to learn the basics of the financial markets before pontificating bloviating
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4 replies
  1. GregE!
    GregE! says:

    If you actually read the report (or just an abstract) released by the bipartisan investigative panel (10 Republicans, 2 Democrats by the way… so… not a liberal hatchet job), you would see that the ethics violation was for allowing her husband to take advantage of taxpayer resources and pressure government staffers to further this personal vendetta against the commissioner.

    Legally, she was allowed to fire him… but her reasons for doing so were as transparent and tacky as she is.

  2. Anika
    Anika says:

    Very interesting read, I think their would be a lot of mixed opinions on this. Love the theme that you are using, what is it?

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