If you will write a review of my blog, Faith and Facts (www.faithandfacts.com), I will exchange your choice of 500 EC credits or 4 days of display for your ad. Ads are currently selling on my site for 256-512 EC so this is a better option for most. The ads display in the sidebar that is on every page of the site and will have a do-follow link to your site. This offer is limited to the first 100 folks as a test to see how it impacts my pagerank. Rules of the Review: 1. Write 100-200 words to describe your (original) impressions of the topics, themes and general view of the site. If you disagree with some things on the site you are free to say that but please don’t be rude. You might want to talk about the worldview of the author, topics, comments section, design, ease of use, author himself (me), content, style, technical issues, etc. Be original and tell others your view of my site. 2. Must include a do-follow link to my website with the anchor text, Faith and Facts.  A second link with anchor text, Dr. Bruce will get you some extra benefits. 3. Should be a standard post that can scroll off page one but should not be deleted. Images are optional but could get you some swag. 4. To get your free ads, I must approve your site in advance. Doesn’t not have to be in the Christian or news category but there are some I want the ability to exclude. Basically, I will approve any site that is still ‘on the charts.’ To get started, leave a comment or send me an email and we can get started. Blessings, Dr.B

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