Do Not Say that Islam is Violent

Has anyone actually read Pope Benedict’s recent speech? While the ancient reference to a 14th century Byzantine emperor was politically inept, it was part of a larger theme. More precisely, faith and reason are not only compatible but intertwined and that violence is not a good way to advance one’s spiritual convictions.

How do Muslims react? “Do not say that Islam is violent! If you say that Islam is violent, we will kill you and bomb the Vatican.

There is an intense media effort to defend true Islam as peaceful. There is an equally concentrated attempt to condemn Christianity for every injury or death possible in the last 2000 years. So, when Muslim terrorist’s kill a Nun it barely warrants 2 column inches on page 8.

How do moderate Muslims react? Do they condemn such violence? Do they call on terrorists to cease perverting true Islam and cease their activities? Do they point to their scriptures and demonstrate the peaceful nature of their teacher? To all these things NO.

The silence from the moderate Muslim community is quite loud. So who is pushing this “True Islam is peaceful” theme? The Americans.

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