CNN Says Obama Is Lying About Ayers

Give a hat tip to CNN and Anderson Cooper for reporting on the link between Barack Obama and unrpentant domestic terrorist William Ayers.

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know how abhorent double-standards are to me. I regularly criticize the media, and anyone else, for praising one person and condemning another person for exactly the same action.

On that rare occasion when a regular transgressor gets things right, I am glad to call attention to their good deed.

Barack Obama has been lying about his relationship with William Ayers. Obama claims to have barely known Ayers even though Obama served on two non-profit boards with Ayers, put on a major fundraiser with him, and arranged grants to schools at Ayers direction.  Anderson Cooper calls this “dishonest” in his report.

Way to go Coop!

Check these blogs with additional info:

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Judge Right has an extensive post

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3 replies
  1. Brenda Cruz
    Brenda Cruz says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts in reporting the truth about Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers. I deeply appreciate you trying to find out the real truth about this. You said in your story, why is the McCain camp. concerned about them being friends now if Bill Ayers is no longer involved in terrorist activites, but I challenge you to find out the kinds of things Ayers believes in now though may not act upon in the same way. My question is, why is Obama trying to cover up this relationship? If it is so casual and normal, why is he going to such extremes to cover it up? In addition, he is doing the same thing with Acorn, admitting to only serving as their lawyer once, when now we all know there is much more to it than that. Again, why is he leaving out so much? What is he so afraid of if everything is on the up and up? I challenge you, as the honest, unbiased reporters you say you are, to uncover the whole truth about these relationships and tell the public, who will have the responsibility to vote soon. It is too vital to our country’s future to not have the truth be known about the people running for this extremely important job at this time in history. It has also been reported that Obama has received large amounts of campaign donations from out of the country and from unknown or undisclosed sources,some with odd names , letters as names, etc. What is going on??? Why is this also not being investigated? Please CNN, find out the truth about this man. There is so much questionable info. about this man out there, from his relationship to Raila Odinga in Kenya to being endorsed by Lous Farrakan , Hamas and others, his relationship to Tony Rezco and Fannie Mae, to his not saluting the American flag, to his Youth Junior Fraternity, to this Acorn scandel. I challenge you to find out the truth about all these things and report it to the people so at least we can make an intelligent choice in November!! Our future depends on it. Please!!! We need to know the truth! Many people in this election season have become convinced that CNN openly favors Obama and has not been willing to expose the truth about him . I challenge you to find out the truth, and prove them wrong by reporting everything, even what may not be popular. If he is innocent, great! We will all be relieved. Then all the rumors can be put to an end. But if he really is corrupt as so many believe, we need to know it! We do not want someone in the White House that will further the corruption that is already growing at an alarming rate! Thank you very much.

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