CNN Cracks ACORN Again

I have been very critical of the MSM regarding their overt bias and over/under reporting. I am always glad to give a hat-tip to CNN when they do a good job.

…the detail about the 2,100 phony registrations in Indiana is recycled from the segment Ed posted on Friday but the close-up of the registration forms and the extended interview with ACORN’s lawyer are new, proving that not only is CNN sticking with this story but they’re actually building it out. And not just this one. Remember, Drew Griffin’s also responsible for that clear-eyed, bolt-from-the-blue look at Obama’s relationship with Ayers. What on earth’s going on over there? Are they worried that MSNBC will be the Obama administration’s mouthpiece of choice so they’re slapping him around a bit as a warning not to make enemies of them?

Serious exit question: How, precisely, do people think ACORN’s going to influence the election? The worry, as I’ve understood it, is that the race will narrow and we’ll end up a la 2000 in a cliffhanger with one or two counties in some swing state deciding who wins. In that scenario, a few thousand phony votes would be monumental. Judging from some of the e-mail we’re getting, though, true believers think something bigger’s going on, as though an Obama win by a few percentage points — which would mean a margin of a few million votes — would be inherently shady. Explain to me how ACORN’s supposedly planning to convert these bogus registrations into actual bogus votes on a mass scale.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: CNN hits ACORN — again — for bogus voter registrations.

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2 replies
  1. Humbled Infidel
    Humbled Infidel says:

    And this morning I watched on Fox News that South Carolina is now investigating ACORN!

    Great article.

  2. JudgeRight
    JudgeRight says:

    With the many thousands of fraudulent registrations, how many requested mail in ballots? There will never be an ID required for those. I’m beginning to think if you can’t get to the polls, you can’t vote. The only exceptions being those serving in the military.

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