Girl Selling Virginity Online

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Natalie Dylan is selling her virginity via online auction.

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada, the brothel that is arranging and hosting the deal, is especially gung-ho about Dylan. “Natalie is a virgin and would like to sell this priceless and rare commodity in a very exclusive and private setting,” says Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof.

While any reasonable person should question the commodity’s rarity, more than 10,000 bidders have stepped forward to bid for Dylan’s … ah … purity.  If the Bunny Ranch’s owner is to be believed, someone has offered $3.7 million.

What does the feminist community have to say about this outrageous exploitation of this young girl? Not much so far.  Searching Google yields only the faintest and infrequent article suggesting that a feminist is uncomfortable with this sexploitation. I, for one, am nearly speechless.

My friend Sarah is a reliable monitor of Feminism from a Christian perspective. She writes,

The lack of moral outrage by feminism doesn’t surprise me as contemporary feminism has discarded the good it once represented in order to promote a completely unfettered lifestyle. Women are free to be exploited themselves, and this is somehow empowering. In fact, I’d go so far as to suggest that by creating a culture where women’s bodies, eggs, and chastity are up for sale, ‘created’ is a pleasant (euphemism) for human trafficking. There is no need for restraint in a world where individuals willingly put a price tag on what is priceless.

What about the FBI? What about the police? Can the FTC do anything? No. No. and No.

Legal experts seem agreed that this is a First Amendment issue. Since prostitution is legal in Nevada, the services may be advertised in areas where it would be illegal so long as the service is performed in a state where it is legal. (I feel a little dirty just writing that sentence.)

One does not have to a prude or a stereotypical Puritan to take offense at this advertisement. Let us call this what it is; Sex for Sale. Whether to pay for college or perform some perverted socialogical experiment, tolerating such behaviour can only harm future generations of young women.

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76 Responses to “Girl Selling Virginity Online”

  1. Let’s call this what it is more bluntly – prostitution. The only unusual part is the price she is commanding.

    What I’ve never understood is this – why do men desire virgins for sport? I have a theory that it has something to do with their own sexual insecurity. If this is her first time, she won’t have anything to relate it to. So while men may speak of these things as if it is something to brag about, it always sounds terribly pathetic to me. And I’m not a puritan at all.

  2. The first time I heard this story it was featured on The Today’s Show and they were actually doing and interview with Natalie. According to the interview she as claiming that she was auctioning her virginity in order to secure her college education.

    Being a mother of two daughters myself, this story horrified me. My daughter is to start college in two years and I would sell my cars and house to make sure she got her education before I would ever allow her to auction off something so precious.

    It really makes you think of her self worth of herself, one must think she must not value herself too much to auction off something so personal and special. My wishes is that this does take place, that she realizes she is worth so much more than to offer off her virginity to the highest bidder, not to mention the possible danger and diseases she could contract.


  3. From a legal side, I really do see nothing wrong with this. They are breaking no laws. Since Nevada allows prostitution it is completely legal.

    But at the same time, I can’t see why someone would want to sell there virginity. That’s a very special thing, Even if you are getting paid for losing it. It’s just really sad.

  4. @Vishal saying:
    Everybody is free to do what they wish. But this may reduce the feminine value.

    Women are always valuable. In this post only you see her merchandise, right? It is always safe to be pragmatic and there is no room for hypocrisies in this world. People keep on telling you what to do and what not to do… but they also refuse to help you in reality.. All they do is safe importance and they themselves do bad acts.

  5. Why Nick? What is so sad with it? I think she would enjoy it as hoe she looks.. Why can’t she enjoy when she gets both the pleasure and the amount paid? She also became famous huh as we are currently talking about her here at the moment.

  6. Seems that she has become a slut before losing her virginity.

  7. I don’t see what’s the problem here. Really, for me, the fact that in Belgium some are protesting to lower the legal sex age from 14 to 12 is something that is frustrating, because, while it might be ok to have sex when you’re twelve, but if you’re suiting for sexual harassment, the law should be defending you.

    But here, a girl is willingly selling her virginity, and people are trying to stop her? I think the law should protect her if she was forced to do so, but if this is really her own free will, well, then I’m absolutely ok with it. That’s just it.

  8. The entire thing is a publicity stunt. Selling her virginity like that guarantees she makes the news (which she has), it guarantees people blog about it (which they have), and MOST importantly it guarantees that she may never have to work a day in her life.

    She is no better than the lady with the eight children (more actually but eight at once) with no job and no husband. They are simply looking for someone else to pay their way through life. That woman gets aid and assistance from our taxes and talk shows in order to interview her.

    With over $3 million just to sleep with a man for an hour at most, this woman will be able to retire the same day. It’s is gross to an unimaginable degree, but it is also genius in a way.

  9. What on the world is happening??? They even have the nerve to make a business out of this??? I’m outraged too! Either the girl is a purely dirty without even caring whatsoever for herself, or that those who’ve arranged the auction are among the most twisted people on the planet.

    Shocking, but I must say, this is reality.

  10. As sad as it is to see this, I have to agree with Bret on this one.

    If her life has really come to a point where she must become a prostitute in order to survive, it seems ‘logical’ (in some sense, at least) to broker a deal that would secure her financial freedom for the remainder of her life.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m greatly opposed to prostitution, but it their own right to do with their body as they see fit, and the ‘entrpenerial’ methods she has used in this case ensure that she will only need to do this once, rather than for the next 20 years, prove that there was at least some forthought in her decision.

    Who knows, maybe she spend some of the money on a good therapist….

  11. This is utterly disgusting and degrading! What has this nation, which was once under God, come to? To think that there are people out there who find this atrocity acceptable is beyond mind boggling. Her purity and chastity is FAR more precious than the millions that are offered. I pray to God that she sees (and those who find this acceptable) this as a tragedy and not something to be celebrated. May God be with her, love her and guide her away from these claws of immoral sin.

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  13. As a feminist, (and I say this with a bit of a lump in my gut), I have to say that although I completely disagree with selling yourself for any amount of money, if she is doing it willingly, without coercion she should have the choice to. Don’t get me wrong, it is anti-feminist in nature to sell yourself, but many, many women have lost their viriginity to strangers or boyfriends who are long since gone and in this way, she is getting something out of it. I think she is losing too much, but if it’s worth the money to her, maybe she is making the right decision for herself.

  14. No one should have a problem with this. It is her body, not yours. She can do what she pleases with it. If she wanted to cut off her arm and send it to someone as a gift, she could. That isn’t illegal. However, having SEX, a natural act, is illegal. Ridiculous.

    You can believe what you want about it. You can say it is against your religion. You can say it is against your morals. But you aren’t her. No one is forcing you to have sex for money.

    Also, the sale was for a *chance* to have sex with her. That is why it is legal in all states. It falls under the same reason why escorts are legal. The escort has a chance to back out anytime they want and so can she.

  15. It is something never heard of..

    Now is it moral, legal or anything else..??
    I would not comment on it.

    But yes,
    Never expected such kind of auction on the net..

  16. […] girl selling her virginity online hmm try to see this at your own risks […]

  17. This is horrible. Truly we are living in a generation that has lost its value. Both the girl and those bidding for her virginity must have been left to have a reprobate mind. That is why something that is repulsive is now convenient for them to do. I pray that the Lord will deliver them from the deceit of riches.

  18. honestly, what is so wrong with ‘prostitution’? Put your religious beliefs aside people, and realize there are others in this world with different beliefs.

  19. In this market valuable world this things can happen.

  20. HOW DARE SHE MAKE MILLIONS ON HER UNUSED TRIM!!! what she should be doing is going out and giving it away for free in the back of some beat up old lincoln towncar like most other women do. i’d do damn near anything once for 3.7 million and anybody that says they wouldn’t are lying to themselves and everyone else. I applaud her decision. i just hope she doesn’t blow it all on coke and jewelry.

  21. I don’t understand how can she did like that. It’s like she doesn’t have any morality left.. That’s so cheap

  22. Oh Come on, Such things happen earlier as well.

    Even centuries ago, this used to happen in brothels and happens even now. The only difference is the media for advertising is different in this case.

  23. This is really sick …. :(

  24. as an 18 year old female virgin i find this story empowering it is no one’s right to judge this girl for her decision and she owes no explanation. in the world today we have pre-teens losing their virginity barely into middle school. so instead of losing it on some drunken night to a guy who probably won’t remember her name, or a man who will probably just add another notch to his belt she lost it to someone who wanted her badly enough to pay and astronomical fee. not that i would personally do this but i understand and support women who essentially want to take control of their destiny. is this prostitution? yes. is it wrong? no. in the long run who is this hurting

  25. hello i dont see anything wrong in selling virginity. I am a virgin and i want to sell my virginity but i dont know how to do it. To prove my virginity i am ready to go for a medical check up wid

  26. selling virginity is not a crime . What about those women who sleep with dozens of men to rise in their career or just for fun. I am 23 yr. old virgin and i have decided to sell my virginity Intrested people