Torture Lite

Let’s get some things straight. Nobody is a bad as the Nazi’s and Stalinist’s and “engaging in practices pretty close to torture” is not torture. One of the reasons America is politically debilitated is our propensity to use poetry rather than prose in our debates. We are more concerned with winning the argument than with stating the truth. You can thank postmodernism for this.
So, does torture work?

  • Newsweek boldly says, “No,” for the most part at least.
  • Slate grudgingly admits that “torture” has gained valuable knowledge that has stopped terrorist acts.
  • USA Today baits the reader with a headline on torture but shows some journalistic integrity by stating that most methods called torture are in fact legal interrogation techniques.

If torture is wrong, will someone please tell me why it is wrong. If we are merely the product of random biological and evolutionary processes then I say torture ’em. For that matter, kill them before they can kill us.

Torture is wrong because all men are made in God’s image. Torture is wrong because honoring God’s commands is more important than the threat terrorism presents to our lives. Torture is wrong because truth is TRUTH and we should not abandon it because the circumstances are harsh.

To the whining, namby, pamby ACLU liberals – either stop denying God and the Bible as the basis for law, morality and ethics or get out the electrodes and wire ’em up.

To the hawkish conservatives – being pro-life covers more than babies and you should read the rest of the Bible story.