Jesus Can't Kick a Field Goal

Brian Cuban has good article on a very touchy subject. Church leaders, like me, are concerned about the growing anti-Christian bias in American culture. The ‘Establishment Clause’ has strong legal standing but my concern is that the media, schools, courts, etc. have moved far beyond the intent of the Constitution.

The Founders clearly did not want a State Church or State Religion. The ‘Wall of Separation’ was intended to keep the government out of the church’s business. Given the recent, sweeping accomodations we are making for Muslims, I have the sense that we are straining at gnats while swallowing flies elephants.

Brian’s legal analysis should be helpful to everyone.

Anyone who has seen the movie Hoosiers will remember this scene where the coach of the small town and over-matched Hickory Huskers watches while his team is lead in prayer by the team chaplain right before they slew the big city Indiana-South Bend high school team dramatizing what in real life has gone done as one of the biggest upsets in high school athletic history.  Even in deep in the heart of ultra-religious Baptist country Coach Norman Dale must have known what was coming down the road by not joining in on pre-game prayer.

East Brunswick High School football coach Marcus Borden must not have seen Hoosiers. The coach has asked the court to review a ruling from the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in April in which an appeals panel reversed a 2006 ruling that permitted Borden to silently bow his head and “take a knee” with players as the team prayed. The judges said the school board’s policy barring school staff from joining in student-led prayer was constitutional. Coach Borden later quit the team rather than be prohibited from participating in team prayers.  Classic Establishment Clause separation of church and state issue. Should the Supreme Court take a new look at this issue?  Can the coach add his prayers to the mix for Jesus to help kick the game winning field goal?  If you look at previous Supreme Court decisions, it appears that Jesus will shank this one “wide right” when the Supreme Court rules.

Can Jesus Kick A Field Goal?