The Presidential Prayer Team

My daughter wrote a wonderful note to her friends. She pointed out that after the last election, bumper stickers began to appear proclaiming, “Bush is not my President.”  As Christians, she said, we have a responsibility to support and encourage our leaders. This seems especially true when we did not vote for them.

While I will continue to speak out on issues from a biblical worldview, along with my wonderful Stephanie, I affirm that Barack Obama is my President and I will pray for him regularly. 

Take a look at the recent letter from the Presidential Prayer Team.

The Presidential Prayer Team is pleased to commit itself and it’s nearly 500,000 members to pray for the newly elected President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

Calling in his acceptance speech for a new spirit of patriotism, service and sacrifice from the American people, President-Elect Obama swept to victory over Republican John McCain as the first African-American to hold the nation’s highest political office.

“We are and always will be the United States of America,” President-Elect Obama said from Grant Park in Chicago, IL. “A government of the people, by the people, and for the people has not perished from the face of the earth. This victory is for you.”

While saying a new dawn of American leadership is at hand, President-Elect Obama recognized that the road ahead may be tough and the climb steep in meeting the many challenges facing the nation, but that “we as a people will get there,” a sentiment followed by chants of “Yes We Can” from the huge Chicago crowd. He also called Republican presidential candidate John McCain a “brave and selfless leader” and said he looks forward to working with him and Governor Sarah Palin in the months to come.

Our faithful prayers for President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Joe Biden are desperately needed. Their new administration faces the challenges of a struggling economy, active wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, and energy and environmental concerns – all perhaps unprecedented in a generation. With I Timothy 2:1-2 as our biblical mandate, The Presidential Prayer Team is dedicated to praying for our new president’s wisdom, protection and success as he faces these issues, and many more, over the next four years

Today, we are launching a countdown in prayer from Election to Inauguration for President-Elect Obama. It’s called 77 Days of Prayer for our New President, and I encourage you to please sign up for this prayer initiative now using the link below.

We’ll send you an email every morning that includes a specific prayer point, Scripture and words you can pray – first in worship of our Holy God and then in intercession for the specified prayer point. There’s also an appropriate photo to inspire and direct your heart as you pray.

This is an incredible time in the history of our nation. Join all of us at The Presidential Prayer Team in congratulating Barack Obama and Joe Biden and in committing to pray for their administration and all of our leaders, our nation and our Armed Forces. Thank you so much!

John Lind

The Language Of Prayer

My friend David has been writing some wonderful stuff lately. He may be a Boomer in the Pew, but he captures a deep truth about the helplessness of prayer.

Many recognize that there are times of great stress and strain when speech fails us as we seek God’s counsel. Our vocabulary is impotent to frame the words to express our love, faith, doubts, pain, and joy.

In like manner, when the sky is blue and the clouds are wispy white, one does not barge into the presence of the Eternal King. Appearing before the throne of Grace is a privilege purchased by the shed blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. It should leave you speechless on occasions.

There are times when words completely fail me in my attempts to communicate with my heavenly Father.

These may be times of great affection and praise, as God’s Holy Spirit stirs within me, or times where I am feeling completely lost, and long for my Father’s loving presence.

When these deep feelings arise, God instructs us to allow the Holy Spirit to speak on our behalf.

Romans 8:26, “…but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

Thanks David. This post refreshes my spirit.

A Boomer in the Pew: Prayer and Praise to My Sovereign King.