Veteran's Day 2009


Veteran's Day 2008

It seems too few people know the history of Veteran’s Day. While dedicated to the memory of fallen soldiers, the date was selected because on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, a defeated Germany signed the armistice ending four years of a horrible war. President Wilson called WW1 “the War to end all wars.”

Sadly, wars have not ended. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq have reminded Americans of the sacrifice made by our .

On this solemn day, we salute you and we thank you.

Some other good sites are here and here and here.

Defining Freedom – GodTube

Brian Birdwell Survivor of 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Birdwell’s account of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is riveting. – Brian Birdwell Survivor September 11th Pentagon terrrorist attacks

Honoring the victims of 9/11

Remembering 9/11
I have been asked to participate in our local observance of 9/11 and will do so happily. In researching what I could do to honor our fallen heroes I discovered a fabulous project to recognize every victim of this horrific act of cowardly terroism. The website is 2996 – A tribute to the victims of 9/11

It is my privilege to join in this worthwhile effort. Blessings to those that have worked so hard to create and sustain the project.

Appeasement 101

I stumbled across a brilliant column by Victor Hanson outlining the futility of the politics of appeasement. Fascism and Terrorism do not allow us the option of peaceful coexistence. I will be reading more of Mr. Hanson’s work in the future.


It is easy to damn the 1930s appeasers of Hitler such as Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain in England and Edouard Daladier in France given what the Nazis ultimately did when unleashed. But history demands not merely recognizing the truth post facto, but also trying to reconstruct the rationale of something that now in hindsight seems inexplicable.

Appeasement in the 1930s was popular with the European public for a variety of reasons. All of them are instructive in our hesitation about stopping a nuclear Iran, or about defending the right of Western newspapers to print what they wish or about fighting radical Islamism in general.

Read the rest of “Appeasement 101”

Blessings to our Military

Twin towers explodeAfter seeing "World Trade Center" this weekend, I resolved to post thanks and encouragement to the blog or website of every member of the American military I stumbled across. Regardless of their politics, gender, ethnicity or social standing, these men and women are heroes. I am happy to thank Michael Gallaugher living in Worcester County, Massachusetts first. His website has been added to the blogroll. Blessings!