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Go Vegan to Stop Climate Change!

Blame it on the cows!

The sky is falling, the ozone is fading and the earth is warming. And who is the biggest culprit in this fiasco? Cows. That’s right. Cows. C-O-W-S! Freakonomics has an incredible article with the details.

Turns out, veganism offers the single most effective path to reducing global climate change. Eating less meat means fewer animals in the stockyards and fewer animal “emissions” means less global warming. Overall, the point seems pretty strong: global veganism could do more than any other single action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Vegans are still considered as sort of “out there,” a fringe group of animal rights activists with pasty skin and protein issues. However, as a recent report from the World Preservation Foundation confirms, ignoring veganism in the fight against climate change is sort of like ignoring fast food in the fight against obesity.

Forget ending dirty coal or natural gas pipelines, stop eating meat.

Turns out I am a person that is easily offended by double-standards. If you accept the conventional wisdom of man-made global warming caused by greenhouse gases, you should unequivocally embrace veganism. If you are unwilling to do that, then you must admit that hamburgers are more important to you than the environment. And climb down off your moralizing hobby horse while you’re at it please.

Stingray Kills Crocodile Hunter

Crocodile Hunter dies in freak accidentSteve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, died in what has been described as a freak accident. At about 11 a.m. local time on September 4, Irwin was filming a new wildlife series and got too close to a bull stingray. Irwin had many close calls over the years. In his words, “Too many to count.” This one cost him his life. The ray’s barbed tail pierced his heart.

The accident occured in north Queensland Australia as Irwin and his crew swam near the Great Barrier Reef. The crew was swimming in less than seven feet of water as Irwin cruised along side the stingray. The normally placid stingray turned suddenly and lashed out at the Crocodile Hunter. The injury was like a knife wound in Irwin’s chest.

World reaction has been swift and sad for the Australian folkhero. Irwin was an international proponent of conservation and ecology. We join millions of others that mourn his death.

This article provides more information on Irwin’s death .