Cartoon – United or Divided?

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*** EDIT ***

Given the “passionate discussion and comments, I did a bit of digging and found some stats at Hot Air.

In 2004, Bush beat John Kerry by winning 62.04 million votes.  In 2008, Obama won 62.443 million, a gain of only 400,000. In 2004, Kerry garnered 59.028 million votes; John McCain only got 55.386 million.   That means this election saw 3.24 million fewer votes than four years ago.  Far from being more energized, the nation appeared to be more apathetic.

It also means that GWB got 51.2% and Obama got 52.99%. So the number for GWB is correct, not the 50.7 cited below, but BHO should be 53%.

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22 replies
  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’m not sure what the author is going for. If they are saying how Obama only won by slightly more and yet people are rejoicing that’s because it didn’t take multiple recounts and a supreme court decision to win. That and he won handily in the electoral college which is how the vote is decided anyway. The only thing the percents could stand for is for popular vote but don’t forget that bush actually lost the popular vote so his percent should be 49%. The conservative news network strikes again!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    GWB won 51% of the popular vote in 2004. It’s a shame that such a simple cartoon has to be explained to some people. The progressive public school system strikes again!

  3. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Remember, 50% of Americans have below average intelligence. All we have succeeded in doing is raising the bar 3%. I hope that we can continue to strive for improvements going forward for the sake of our quality of life and our children’s.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    ~49.999999999999% of every population has below average intelligence. By definition.

    As we can see, at least two members of this group supported Obama, so “all repubelicuns r dum (hurf)” seems like a pretty untenable hypothesis at the moment.

  5. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Tan, I think the anonymous poster used the tilde (~) on purpose so maybe you should be a bit less snarky.

    Your opinion is, your opinion on how GWB and BHO won. The POINT of the cartoon is that people, the media, etc. are hypocrites.

    BTW, while Calculus 1 students learn the neat trick displayed in Wikipedia, infinity sets are more complicated than that. The math works because we have defined the formulas and terms to make them equal. Draw y=1/x. When the graph crosses the x or y axis is the same time that 0.999… will equal 1.

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Actually in 2000 George Bush certainly did have less votes than Al Gore so that means it is impossible for him to have 51%. In 2004 he did have 50.7% but that election wasn’t as close or as controversial as the election in 2000, so one can assume the author intends the 2000 election. You also thoughtfully ignored my argument that Bush in both elections just edged out his contenders in the Electoral vote whereas Obama won convincingly. So I’d say my free public education was worth more than your private school that taught you to argue by picking on small facts and not the big picture. Oh that and I understood the cartoon I just didn’t find it funny because it’s blatantly bias so I was being sarcastic as to why it shouldn’t make sense.

    That and the person who said 49.9999 is equal to 50 percent is kind of right. The people or person that represent the 50th percent would be defined as exact average intelligence. Not Less. So the person who said 49.99 recurring was actually more accurate.

    That and there is no denying that GWB did run a platform that said people would attack and he was the man to defend the country while Obama literally uses the word Hope every time he talks where Bush talked about an axis of evil or axis of terror. So to say Bush ran on fear and Obama on optimism isn’t an opinion it’s fact. Whether or not you think the hope and optimism he ran on will work is the opinion. I think we can safely say Bush’s didn’t.

  7. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Since 50.7% naturally rounds to 51% wouldn’t it be more reasonable to presume the author is referring to 2004?

    Several of you have confused the whole mean and median concept with you 49.999999% discussion.

    I think another reasonable view would be that Bush ran on reality and Obama ran on wishful thinking. But that would be an opinion also.

    If the Bush platform was to keep us safe from terrorists, given that there have been no more attacks on US soil since 9/11, we should call that a success.

    I wish people would just admit that they hate Bush and love Gore/Kerry/Obama and are not willing to listen to any other opinion.

    BTW, the media is absolutely biased in favor of the Liberals; which is the point of the cartoon.

  8. a different Rick
    a different Rick says:

    I love the internets… the comments section on many controversial cartoons can be so much more entertaining than the cartoon itself..

    I believe it can be shown that 10% of people are just ‘crazy.’
    – polls have shown that 10% believe that if they sent Elvis a letter today, he would receive it.

    just over 50% of eligible voters even vote. so 25% of all adults voted for one candidate, and 5% of them are crazy.

    so 20% of the sane adults in this country choose our president?

    I dropped out of Calculus 1, so I am rounding. 🙂

  9. anon
    anon says:

    Actually, if you look a the title of the newspaper it does say 2004. not 2001. learn to pay attention, noob

  10. Stig2k
    Stig2k says:

    “~49.999999999999% of every population has below average intelligence. By definition. ”

    That is nonsense. If 9 people in a group of 10 have an IQ of 100 and the 10th has an IQ of 50 then the average is 95. 9 of the 10 will be above average

  11. anon
    anon says:

    Seeing that I voted for Obama, I think you should all shut up.

    EDIT ****

    User name has been changed by moderator.

  12. Will
    Will says:


    Your comment would be true, except that IQ is based off of average intelligence – an IQ of 100 means you have average intelligence. The distribution looks like a standard bell curve.

    (Can you tell I’m studying for my Psychology final? lol)

  13. RadCliffe
    RadCliffe says:

    Someone needs to check their math.

    Numbers taken from wiki page on both 2004 and 2008 elections.

    Bush 04 – 62,040,610
    Kerry 04 – 59,028,444

    Equals = 121,069,054

    Obama 08 – 69,445,367
    McCain 08 – 59,923,677

    Equals = 129,369,044

    Difference – 8,299,990

    **notice I excluded all third parties because they consisted of 1% or less in most areas.

    My data says that roughly 6% more people voted this year than in 2004.

  14. Emily
    Emily says:

    Please, this is absurd! Just face that fact that the media is extremely biased towards liberals! But then again, everyone is biased in some manner. I don’t think the illustrator (not author) of this comic intended to make such a fuss!

  15. bh021552
    bh021552 says:

    I’m not sure what papers or other media claimed the country was united by the last election. This cartoon uses what is called a “straw man” argument. The real tests for Obama will come over the next four years -does he strive to be a president of the people or does he simply serve those who agree with him, as did GW?

  16. Webbielady
    Webbielady says:

    Oh! The stats were wrong? Or maybe the total changed? Like the total number of voters registered or like some died? Just a bit of math, like 3/10 would be greater than 6/21… i dont really know as I am not a US citizen nor a voter but I think that can be a possibility while stats claimed it to be more energized as what you said.

  17. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    For me, I just question the whole election process as it is currently. We aren’t having to drive miles and miles over days to get to the polling places anymore! We need to be listening to what the people of America want, and not to this old school electoral college system.

    I do agree that the Media is spinning this election and its results in a whole different direction than the election from four years ago… when that election showed almost the exact same results.

    Let’s just hope that no matter what happens in the next four years… our country can stand up against our current financial crisis and find our way back.

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