California Bans Gay Marriage

The Presidential election was not the only clear political signal on Tuesday. California has passed the controversial Proposition 8 denying same-sex couples the right to marry. Perhaps it was not so controversial after all.

Florida and Arizona also got in on the movement and defined marriage as between a man and a woman. It appears that same-sex couples that wed after a recent judges ruling will have their unions annulled.

Measures on the ballot designed to limit abortions were uniformly defeated. the Colorado initiative was crushed. Arkansas passed a ban on gay couples adopting children and the Colorado proposal to end Affirmative Action seems a dead heat the morning after while it passes handily in Nebraska. Medical marijuana will be arriving in Michigan.

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9 replies
  1. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    As a Christian, I recognize pure evil comes from only one place. Thankfully, the Lord Jesus has removed it from me.

    I wonder if their isn’t the tiniest possibility that the majority of people believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Just a thought.

  2. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    As I understand it, Prop 8 was a constitutional amendment for California. It defined marriage between a man and a woman. So, a vote for Prop 8 was a vote against Gay marriage.

    I live in NM and try to report on topics important to Christians and churches. However, I did not follow the specifics of this amendment carefully.

  3. Sydney Collins
    Sydney Collins says:

    Marriage is one of the most sacred ceremonies that we humans experience. Being married also gives us happines.,”~

  4. Caitlan
    Caitlan says:

    i cant believe that they aren’t allowing same-sex couples to adopt children. and it bothers me to the extreme that people are still denying their right to be together. i don’t believe that they should marry[the christian definition of it,because that’s strictly between man and woman], but they should get the legal rights that come with marriage by… like signing a document or something. i am not gay and i am a very strong christian and this still saddens me. i feel such sympathy for these people who suffer everyday. haven’t other christians learned that they are sinners and that they should love other sinners as well? God doesn’t interfere with free will, why do we feel the need to?

  5. Dr. Bruce
    Dr. Bruce says:

    Thanks Caitlan. I too struggle with the loving application of the biblical teaching on sexuality and marriage in a democratic society.

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