Born Alive – Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

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44 replies
  1. John Inglis
    John Inglis says:

    YES, that is beautiful and praise GOD for Her! That is the boldness the LORD speaks of. WOW, that was amazing, think how this world would change if we were all that bold for our Creator. Thank you GOD for an example of what you would want from all of us!

  2. Humbled Infidel
    Humbled Infidel says:

    Praise God! Her passion, her love for Jesus Christ is awe inspiring.

    Amen Gianna Jessen – The truth will always shine whether people want it to or not!!!

    Amen – Amen!

  3. Barry Wallace
    Barry Wallace says:

    Fantastic. I love her joy and sense of humor in the face of persecution. That’s an extremely high and humbling view of God’s sovereignty, too, to call cerebral palsy resulting from a botched abortion a gift from God. For her joy and her exalted view of Almighty God, I thank the Lord.

  4. Rich Bordner
    Rich Bordner says:

    Awesome! What a testimony. I first was exposed to her before the election. I hope she keeps going strong for the pro-life cause. It is such an encouragement to see her joy and thankfulness to the Lord…a strong rebuke to pampered folks like me.

  5. kyle
    kyle says:

    i do not believe in abortion but there are people who do.
    i will never vote against a woman’s right to choose. since i am not a woman, i feel i have no place in voting on abortion. it is not a choice i will ever have to make. it is something i will never have to struggle over in consideration.
    but i hope they would consider their options and choose adoption.

  6. Ryan
    Ryan says:


    You said, “I will never vote against a woman’s right to choose”.

    Let’s try something: “I’m against slavery but I will never vote against a person’s right to keep slaves. I don’t need slaves so I feel I have no place in voting on slavery.”

    “I’m against spousal abuse but I will never vote against a man’s right to beat his wife. I’m not married so I feel I have no place in voting on spousal abuse.”

    Are you catching my drift yet?

    Why wouldn’t you also vote against abortion? It’s great that you’re against abortion but why are you against it? Is it because it takes innocent life or for some other reason? I’d say if you can vote against it, you should!

  7. kyle
    kyle says:

    i see your point and i understand.
    i am against abortion because it does take life but laws will not stop women from getting abortions. they will simply find someone to unsafely perform the procedure for them and endanger themselves.
    as i mentioned in my earlier post, i’m against abortion but if a woman was completely without-a-doubt set on getting an abortion, i wouldn’t want her prevented from having it done properly.

    i’m sorry i can’t really explain. the more and more i re-read my statement, i feel it is flawed. it’s a very touchy subject and i don’t have all the facts. :[
    my apologies.

  8. Ryan
    Ryan says:


    No need to apologize. You are correct in stating that women will still seek to have abortions illegally if it is outlawed, however, murderers, wife-abusers, and even slave-holders still attempt to break current laws. If abortion is murder, as you believe, then it must be stopped. Agreed?

    First, if abortion was made illegal the number of abortions would be drastically reduced. There are currently over 1 million abortions a year and there have been nearly 50 million since 1973. I’d say those numbers would fall drastically.

    Second, even if women seek illegal abortions in “back-alley abortion clinics” their lives would not be in as much danger as some would have us believe.

    Check this article which explains the situation:

    Also, I’d encourage you to poke around It may answer a lot of questions or give you all the facts you may be looking for.

    Nice chatting with you, Kyle! May God bless you!


  9. Dennis Young
    Dennis Young says:

    Just one word… WOW! What a powerful voice for Christ. Gianna, it is you who is strong and myself who is weak thru Christ Jesus our Lord…

  10. Webbielady
    Webbielady says:

    Oh! That was quite a story. It’s good that she is okay right now. I am neither against nor pro abortion but it depends upon reason. But to let a child live in a world alone, like without parents and be let out in the streets, i would prefer, if i am the child, i would have been aborted if i would be let alive and forced to live in streets and be a criminal because i need to steal to eat or to kill to survive.

  11. Neikun
    Neikun says:

    I single code of morality should not be placed on people. People should have the freedom to choose however they see fit. Abortion is not wrong, we are over populated.

  12. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Wow! What a powerful speaker, and it just warms my heart and chills my bone all at the same time hearing her speak. She fought against all odds before she was even born, and her message is fabulous.

    My opinion on this subject here is irrelevant, but knowing what that girl has been through and watching her talk about it like that touches me.

  13. says:

    Yes, that was a very good video indeed.

    I believe abortion is murder and treated a s another form of birth control. If you don’t want a baby or cannot afford to support one, then you shouldn’t be engaging in sex. If you’re married, then one of the spouses should go get themselves fixed.

    If anything, if someone gets pregnant and doesn’t want to have the baby, then give it up for adoption to someone who does. But don’t kill the baby.


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  14. Caledonian Jim
    Caledonian Jim says:

    If people don’t believe in abortion then fine, don’t do it.

    However, such people, who quite rightly and legitimately deny themselves that option, have no right to impose their will on others.

    If I remember correctly that’s called democracy.

  15. JenniJ
    JenniJ says:

    Her speech was very touching but I disagree with a lot of her points. Attempting an abortion at 7 and a half months where the baby is basically burned from the inside out is deplorable and horrifying. However, there are millions of cases where women are raped or become pregnant accidentally at a young age where abortion is the logical choice, the right choice. And that is the keyword in all of this. Choice. Women fought so hard throughout history for the rights that men have, to work, to vote, to be equal members of society. Now we are fighting for the right to decide for ourselves, and as much as I fell for Gianna Jessen I believe her argument against abortion is too narrow. She uses her horrifying story as the sole reason to why abortion is wrong, but every woman has a different story and for a lot of those stories, abortion is the right ending.

  16. debbie
    debbie says:

    I had every “reason in the world” to have an abortion when i first became pregnant. I had been raped, I had no job, I had no family support, I had been literally kicked out by my husband, I had no where to live.

    My mother, a very “religous” person even ecouraged me to have an abortion – this surprises me to this day.

    I did not have an abortion. Instead I had a wonderful little girl that became a wonderful friend and companion. She is now 27 years old and lives a life that helps people (she is nurses aide). So many people have been touched by her life it is beyond my imagination what my life or the lives of these people would have been like if i had not given birth to her.

    She and I are both against abortion for the same reason – all life is precious. Just because you are healthy or disabled or emotionally disturbed doesn’t mean you are any more or less loved by the One who created us. All of us are here for a reason, we may not know in our lifetime what that reason is, but there is a reason.

  17. Angela Wenke
    Angela Wenke says:

    Abortion is such a touchy subject in our world as she stated! But I feel awful about what happened to her and I fully believe late term abortions are soo wrong as witnessed by what she had to go through.

    She was so courgous to speak her mind and like she said not anyone quite her or stop her regardless of whether or not they liked what she had to say!


  18. Liane
    Liane says:

    This topic again. lol. I’ve been sick and tired of this topic. haha.

    We’ve actually done this debate on class about the reproductive health law (house Bill 4045) being passed in the Philippine senate. I was assigned as the group leader of the positive side and I could’ve wished for any better. It was the side I wished to defend.

    Many Filipinos (Catholics I believe for most) are against the reproductive health law for the misconception spoonfed by the church (sad thing) that the RH Bill is an Anti Life policy, which when you really study the whole thing (I did) it actually speaks for like, proLife.

    About abortion, well. our RH Bill indicates that abortion remains illegal (and must be rightly so). The only consideration for making it righteous is during situations where either the life of the mother or the baby is put to peril. That makes sense for me.

    I’m pro our reproductive health bill, but remains steadfast against abortion (it’s wrong!)

  19. Bret
    Bret says:

    Life always finds a way.

    This woman being alive is truly a miracle, and that is something it is impossible to deny.

    She makes good points about the cruelty in this world when it comes to abortions. I am not anti-abortion or for abortion, I feel it is more complicated than that. But she speaks of them strangling a child that was supposed to be aborted but somehow survived. That in itself is murder, aborting a child is one thing, but suffocating it once born is absolutely insane!

  20. faith
    faith says:

    Also, what is the difference between suffocating a baby and aborting a baby? Killing is still killing.

  21. Jill
    Jill says:

    Quit trying to tell women what to do with their bodies. It is private and you should leave them the —– alone.

  22. Mark
    Mark says:

    As a matter of fact, medical texts on embryology say that a fetus is a baby and there is not reason to set any date other than conception to consider it ‘alive.’

    Calling it a fetus, to differentiate it from a baby, is completely arbitrary and discriminatory.

  23. Logic and Common Sense
    Logic and Common Sense says:

    I smell failure. God is non-existent. Stop worrying and enjoy life. It was the science of the human body and it’s ability to heal that saved her, not God. Tell me, friends, if you prayed for a pencil to not roll down a slanted desk to prove that God is real, would it still roll? Of course. Clearly, God doesn’t care if you believe in him or not… because he’s not real.
    And abortion =\= murder. It’s a fetus, not a baby. People have no problem killing germs or rats, why a fetus? Because it’s not born yet? The nervous system probably hasn’t been formed in a young fetus yet, so why care? The world doesn’t need more people. There are already people dying because of over-population.

  24. Doodi
    Doodi says:

    I’m generally pretty pro choice. But abortion is an issue I’ve wrestled with for a long time. I greatly enjoy hearing arguments opposing abortion, and often they make very good points. My main argument as to why abortion should stay legalized has more to do with practicality than ethics – abortion is not a choice taken lightly, and the same # of people will get abortions whether they’re legal or not. Illegal abortions result in huge numbers of dead pregnant ladies as well as dead fetuses. I would rather have a living woman and a dead fetus than a dead woman and a dead fetus.

    Still, I was interested in this video up until she started talking about God. Then it was obvious that she wasn’t going to actually argue the issue. If you can’t use logic to argue your point, you might as well shut up and stop wasting your time. You aren’t going to convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with you.

  25. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    But you would likely vote against the right of someone to murder another person. Correct? With abortion, the only difference is age and location. It is not a matter of choice for the baby.

  26. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Killing children is not a good solution to over-population. Further, we have many areas with a single code of morality. Condemning murder is but one of them.

  27. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Your facts are just plain wrong Jenni. There are not millions of abortions for hard cases like rape and incest. Less than 6% of abortions are for hard cases. The primary reason for abortion is simple birth control.

    I am all for the rights of women. But I am also for the rights of children … especially when they have not been born yet. We cannot expand the rights of one class by reducing the rights of another class.

  28. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Why do you think a fetus is not a baby? Seen any of the new sonogram technology? Let’s protect the right of the baby as much as the right of the mother.

    BTW, Jane Doe is now Pro-Life.

  29. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    If your line of reasoning was used by a Christian, everyone would scream about bias. People are only entitled to an opinion if they don’t talk about God? Wow.

  30. Reality
    Reality says:

    Faith vs. Facts. The two are entirely different.

    Believe in something real for a change.

  31. Jeanie
    Jeanie says:

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  32. Janet
    Janet says:

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