Being Republican is Racist

Give me a break.

The Democratic Underground says wearing white is racist. Harry Reid says pointing out that Franklin Raines is an Obama insider is racist. Congressman Greg Meeks says that drawing attention to the fact that Barack Obama is a Socialist is racist. Questioning the role of Bill Ayers in Obama’s political career is racist. Identifying a conflict of interest for the VP debate moderator is racist. Believing that people without the ability to pay for mortgage should not have one is apparently racist.

The race card is played so frequently, that last summer rappers who wore t-shirts emblazened with “Nigger,” have called Fox News racist. For crying out loud, Barney Frank says it is racist to criticize how Congress is handling the economic crisis.

Someone need to tell the MSM and the Obama campaign the story of the boy that cried ‘Wolf’ one time too often.

Shhhhh. The next sound you hear will be someone saying that it is racist to be a Republican.

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