Bailout Costs Will Top $10 Trillion

Bailout cartoonsA quick note to let everyone know that I have updated some financial figures on “The Real cost of the Bailout.” You will be stunned when you see how this thing is spiraling out of control.

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2 replies
  1. Matt Keegan
    Matt Keegan says:

    This is distressing news!

    It seems that our politicians are forcing our country into bankruptcy, spending what we simply do not have.

    So many people lost tens of thousands of dollars over the past few months as retirement accounts plunged and home values dropped. Many small businesses no longer have the customer base to count on and have cut back accordingly.

    Where will Obama get the money from? He has no idea how financial matters really work and his advisers are offering him information based on a model when the times were good as well as on fantasy.

    God help us!

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