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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    More than just potential chronic pain, a woman could also leave an abortion clinic and later contract breast cancer as a result, too.

  2. Mel Avila Alarilla
    Mel Avila Alarilla says:

    This is one of the most fundamental error and grievous sin of modern society, to think that they have the right to determine whether to keep their baby or not. Abortion, except perhaps in extraordinary cases like saving the life of the mother, is sinful then and is still sinful now. It is an abomination that cries out for justice before the Lord. It is similar to murder wherein even the earth cries out to God for vengeance. The main reason for sex is procreation and never sensual pleasure. Those who liberally indulge in it and then kill the fruit of their tryst are guilty of double transgressions before the Lord. When the Lord comes He will judge people for all their evil ways. Thanks for the eye openning post. God bless you always.

  3. dan
    dan says:

    I disagree with your statement that the main reason for sex is procreation and never for pleasure. Have you not read Song of Solomon? It Screams of pleasure. I believe God made woman and man to enjoy each other as a way to grow closer. The problem is, as with most pleasurable activities, man takes it to the extream- distorts it into something ugly and selfish.
    Everyone cries “unfair!” when it comes to abortion, and i agree. But if the soul purpose of sex is to make babies, why arent the same folks up in arms about ANY birth control? Each time a couple has sex, potentially a baby could be the result- that we stop from happening.

  4. Brian Hill
    Brian Hill says:

    I am against abortion although I believe in a few exceptions, the only exception in my book is when a woman gets raped why should she have a child through being raped because she was forcefully conceived to have a child and bad guys don’t care about protection because if they did they would have not done horrible crimes like that. Bad guys who get women pregnant by force is evil.

  5. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Yes, Brian, rape is horrible. And God will judge the men who commit such evil acts.
    However, the situation does not change the fact that a baby is still a baby, and the baby deserves a right to life.
    You probably think me insensitive, but I promise that is not the case. I feel deeply for the women who are put in such a situation, its horrible, terrible. But…their baby is still alive. Just because the baby cant say anything doesn’t mean that he/she does not have rights as a human being. And some say, well, the mom controls the rights of the baby because the baby is dependent on her, BUT a toddler is also dependent on his/her mother, but that toddler still has rights, the right to not be abused, for example. The same goes for the unborn, he/she has the right, as a human being, and as a child, to LIVE.
    The baby has a right to LOVE. And maybe the woman can’t love the child, which is sadly understandable, considering the situation. But there thousands, no, Millions of loving, couples, ready, and wanting to have children, but who physically cannot. And there is a person/people out there who could give this child a life, provide, care for, love, and protect, raise him/her.
    Yes, rape is wrong, it is evil. But abortion is also wrong, because it is taking the life of an innocent human being.
    The Facts are: There are four main differences between an unborn baby and a newborn. (besides the fact that people seem to believe killing an unborn is perfectly ok, but killing a newborn then becomes murder.)

    The 4 Main Differences Are: Size, Level of development, Environment, and Degree of dependency. If you don’t meet these 4 criteria are you less human? Let’s take a look:

    First, size: The unborn are smaller than the newborn, but does size have anything to do with whether or not you are human? If so, then it would seem men are more human then women because they are generally bigger, and pro-basketball players like Shaquille o’ Neil have are the most human of all. In addition, little peole are less human than people of normal height. I dont think so. Clearly size is not a criterion.

    Second, Level of Development: The unborn are less developed than the newborn, but the newborn are less developed than children, and children are less developed than adults. In fact, you don’t reach your peak of mental development until age 40, so if level of development is a criterion for being human, then everyone under 40 is still gaining their humanity, and we can kill them too. Just because you aren’t fully developed does not mean you are less human.

    Environment: Again, the unborn are located in a different place, but how does location suddenly change you into a non-human? The only difference between a newborn baby, and an unborn baby is 8 inches of birth canal. How does moving 8 inches, suddenly change a so-called “blob of tissue” into a human?

    Last, Degree of Dependency: If viability is what makes one human, then everyone who is dependent on a pace maker, or some form of medication would be declared non-human. Perhaps you heard about the Siamese twins from Egypt who were in the news last year. One of the twins was physically dependent on the other twin; does this fact mean that one of the twins was not human? The same goes for the mentally/physically handicapped. Dependency is not a criterion for being human.

    Philosophically speaking, the unborn are not different from the newborn in any way that would disqualify them from being human. The four differences of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency are not criteria for being a human. The unborn are just as human as the newborn.

    And there are those who say “It is my body and I can kill whatever I want.” But honestly, this makes no sense. The only thing that being in the body changes is that the child is dependent on the mother. A toddler or, a physically/mentally handicapped person, is also dependent, so can we kill them too?! NO! That is called murder.

    I know this is a long post. But thank you for reading it. It is something I am very passionate about and I hope I shed some light on what we “prolifers”(for lack of a better word, i know that one has gotten a bad connotation to “prochoicers”) think. But, please dont think us horrible, insensitive people who only care about the baby and not the mother. That is simply not true. We do care about the mothers. (I know you will meet some people who take the ProLife stand who seem cold hearted toward the women in this situation, I have met some. And frankly it saddens me almost as much as abortion itself, because these peole ostrisize these women, and that is wrong, and horrible.) But there are those of us, who care for the well being of the mother and the child. Abortion often has long term psychological and physical effects on the mother. Adoption is the best answer for everyone involved.. Including the baby, who is a living child, and who has a right to LIVE, and be LOVED.

    Thank you, again, for reading this. It ended up being a lot longer than expected.
    God Bless you all.
    Michelle Bean

  6. Dr.Bruce
    Dr.Bruce says:

    Few people are aware that the “hard cases” of abortion (rape, health of the mother, incest, etc.) account for only about 7% of all abortions. This means that the remaining 93% are nothing more than expensive birth control.

    I wish we could stop derailing the entire discussion of abortion with the constant wailing about the hard cases. If Liberals would agree to stop the 93%, I and every Conservative I know would agree to exceptions for the 7%.

    In my heart I am with Mel. Rape is tragic. But why should we increase the pain by killing a baby?

  7. Dorothy Stahlnecker
    Dorothy Stahlnecker says:

    They are not easy questions however there is no easy way to make the decision either, and today nothing surprises me, morals and values seem far and few between promiscuity and encouraging our children to grow up too soon is far to prevalent. I long for the old days of Mother knows best and touched by an Angel all the old shows where we knew our homes were safe and always there for our children…oh where oh where have they gone.

    Dorothy from grammology

  8. Fishhawk
    Fishhawk says:

    What has been personally revealed to me by our Heavenly Father about abortions is that it is murder–regardless of the circumstances involved. Nonetheless, all of the hysteria over the murder of the babies is unfounded. For their souls go directly to His busom, and it is actually the ones who see nothing wrong with abortions that are in danger. In any event, a woman should have the right to chose. For making something legal, or illegal, does not change what is in the heart.

  9. beautyrest black
    beautyrest black says:

    This is certainly a contentious issue and I doubt that an agreement will ever be reached because people simply have different fundamental beliefs about life and morality. But the comic, unfortunately, rings true for many people.

  10. LD Jackson
    LD Jackson says:

    Well said, Dr. Bruce. Those who continue bringing up the exceptions for rape, incest, etc. do so to make those of us who are pro-life look like we do not care. That is not the case, but they use it as a smoke screen to hide the fact that they want abortion on demand. That’s a real tragedy.

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